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Stoked on this chat we had with Parisian lovebirds – Alex and Laurent. They’ve had many adventures from Paris to Warsaw and all the way to Cali! Enjoy.
Hello guys, how are you doing?
Alex: Good thank you.
Laurent: Great! Thanks!

Awesome! Where are you from?
Alex: I was born in Paris but whole my live I spent in Warsaw (capital of Poland).
Laurent: Paris.

How did you meet?
Alex: I always wanted to come back to France and learn the language. 18 months ago, I moved to Paris and I started longboarding. I asked on FB if anyone could show me how I should do it, and Laurent was the first person who answered me.

What did he say?
Alex: He just told me where he skated and that it would be cool to skate together. The first time I saw him was a month later because, before our first date, he dislocated his knee.
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Do you remember what happened when you eventually met?
Alex: Yes! It was during the Tangtang contest in Paris which he organized. I was really stressed because there were lot of people who I didn’t know.

Was it fun?
Alex: It was very fun and COLD! I took lots of photos there which Laurent used for an article for Loaded Boards. And there were lot of people who skated really well!

Had you skated at all in Warsaw?
Alex: No, never. I wanted to buy a board in Warsaw, but I knew that I would move to Paris, so I decided to wait and buy in Paris.

How does the community in Paris compare to Warsaw?
Alex: I think the level of skating is better here in Paris but I know also that people in Poland are more motivated and they really try to develop longboarding there. There are events every week – Fat Thursday – and lot of people come to skate together and have some fun.
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Was it love at first skate?
Laurent: Yes! Exactly. I love her… wheels.
Alex: Haha! Yes, he is a really good teacher.

What kind of skating do you enjoy?
Laurent: Everything (in longboard and skateboard).
Alex: Dancing, sliding and I start a little bit freestyle. There are a lot of things that I would like to do but I can’t do everything at the same time.

What’s the most important thing you learn from each other?
Alex: Laurent is my inspiration. I am really impatient. He showed me how to work with yourself and he showed me that if you want to have success, you must work hard and never give up.
Laurent: I stopped eating my nails. No, I’m joking! We are a good team and I can’t imagine my life without her. She tells me every time what I do wrong. She help me think. HAHA!

We complement each other.

After that first skate/lesson, when did you skate together again?
Laurent: We were together every day. And so it is today.
Alex: Yeah, he can’t spend 5 minutes without me. HAHA!

Was it Alex in those tandem skating photos?
Alex: There are lot of photos with tandem, he did it with lot of girls. But in that photo no, it’s his friend.

Was it hard to trust each other skating tandem?
Alex: No! Once we had a big fall but it was my fault (when I jumped we had wheel-bite). It was first and the last time.
Laurent: Hehe… in this situation, I must trust just my muscles and my balance.

Did you guys get up to anything exciting in 2012?
Laurent: In 2012 I did Eurotour with Orangatang’s team and it was amazing. After that, I met Alex and it was also exciting. Beginning of a new adventure.
Alex: For me it was a crazy year. I left whole my life behind me and I moved to Paris. It was very exciting because it was always my dream. Then I found my love here, new passion and new friends. CRAZY! It is such a fucking stereotype haha.

Do you miss anything from your old life?
Alex: Hmmm… for sure there are few things. Before I had two horses and I spent most of my time with them so I miss them very much. I miss also those moments where, when I was sick, my Mom would take care of me; giving me breakfast in bed. Now it’s impossible.

Who did you go on the tour with?
Laurent: Patrick Switzer, Maxim Garant Rousseau, Alex Tongue, Kari Havnevik, Mauritz Armfelt, Josh Torres, John Barnet, Ciao Cezar, Luke Melo, Thiago Lessa and Tamara Prader. Lot of great and crazy people.
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Where did you guys go on the tour?
Laurent: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic and Switzerland! Big vacation.

Where did 2013 start for you?
Laurent: 2013 start wasn’t really special. But later was better because Alex and I travelled a lot. We made thousands of km in Europe. We were in Brussels, Lacanau, Biaritz, Peyragudes, Toulon (several times), Normandy, Nantes, Berlin (three times), Poland (two times). In 2013 we were also in California where we got an amazing time.

Alex: Yeah, that’s true! We met a lot of great people there. We are really grateful to guys from Loaded Boards who took us to Utah to record a video! Thank you and LOVE YOU. We also visited San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz and of course gorgeous Los Angeles. We miss all those beautiful places!

What were you doing while Spiky was racing?
Alex: Me? I take a pictures. But I  also want to race. I just need time to get used to speed.

What did you guys go to Poland for?
Laurent: We organized the event with LongboardShop in Warsaw and it’s all.

Alex: Yeah, normally we go there to see my family and to make some photos or videos.
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Was that your first time in America?
Alex: For me, yes. It was my first time and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was wonderful!

Laurent: For me it was second time but first time for a long time. We had 2 months in California! I would like to stay there forever.

Where is your favourite place in France to skate?
Laurent: There are lot of spots around my house and it’s really nice to skate there. It’s quiet, but for me, the most important is skating. No matter where.

Alex: I’m more difficult than Lolo. I learn all the time and for learning I prefer a quiet place where I will not create a threat. So I also like spots near Laurent’s house.

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What is your relationship with Loaded?
Laurent: We ride for them and besides that we are a good friends.

Alex: We make the videos and photos for them, they send the new stuff which Laurent test (he is a destroyer HAHA!).

You both make photos/videos?
Alex: Yes. My hobby is analog photography so I always loved photos. Laurent showed me the world of digital photography and how to edit the videos. So now we do it together.

Have you made any together?
Laurent: There are thousands of photos and lot of videos! Normally we work together, so we can switch the camera and we don’t need a third person. We know how much time we need to do something, we know how to organize our work and time. It’s good working like this. Everything  is in order.

What do you try to capture with your photography?
Laurent: We try to take a photo in a good moment. This is the most important thing, but we also know that photos must be interesting so we try always to find some good spot for it.

What makes a good photo?
Laurent: The tricks, colors, photographer, rider and type of camera.
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Is it easier taking photos of someone you love?
Alex: For sure! I love when Laurent skates. There is something incredible in it. He does a lot of things without effort. He worked on it for a long time. Photos with him are a pleasure. Sometimes it’s hard. When we have a bad day there is lot of blood.
Laurent: Yes, it’s true! She is horrible sometimes but she does a great job.

How was Utah?
Alex: It was amazing! 5 days in the desert with a fire every evening. Landscapes were really cosmic! Thanks to this trip, I could make lot of photos which I couldn’t take anywhere else!
Laurent: It was awesome! It was the first time in my life when I skated the rocks! The start wasn’t easy but after 2 or 3 hours we killed it. I am really excited that I was a part of this project. If you want to know something more about this amazing trip you can read our article on Loaded’s blog:

Had you skated with any of those guys before?
Laurent: Yes, with everyone.

Paris Gang

How has 2014 gone for you?
Laurent: In 2014, there will be lot of changes for sure. In ISPO we saw a lot of people and we spoke with lots of brands like: Blackkross, Loaded Boards, Paris Truck Co., Rayne, Steez, etc.

Alex: We know that we are going to try to develop longboard in France.

What is changing for you this year?
Laurent: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Where have you been skating recently?
Laurent: Last time we were in Holland but normally every day we are in Paris and we skate there.

What are your plans for 2014?
Alex: More photos, more videos, more fun! 

Pick 3 numbers between 1-35!
Laurent: 6, 2, 20

Alex: 3, 7, 11

6 – What is the strangest food you’ve eaten?
Laurent: Food which I ate with Alex’s father (vietnamese food).

2 – In a Zombie apocalypse, who would you wish to survive?
Laurent: La choupette! (Alex)

20- If every job paid the same amount, what would you do?
Laurent: SKATE!

3 – What impact has longboarding had on your life?
Alex: BIG. I left everything and I started to do nothing but longboard. I met lot of people, I visited lot of places and I’m STOKED about that!

7 – What is your favourite meal?
Alex: Kare raisu (japanese meal). I can eat it every day! Fucking good.

11 – What’s your favourite website?
Alex: I love photos and people and good style. Everything like this I can find on:
I love also very much the website of OrangatangWheels:

Lolo, Alex! Thank you so much for your time and patience doing this. It was fun to finally meet you Spiky! Hope we all get to hang out again soon!
Alex: Thanks also very much! Hope to see you soon!
Laurent: yep merci a toi aussi. On se voit bientôt.


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