Gnarlentine’s feature: Sonso and Sammy


Two of our good friends Sonsoles and Simon found love on the Euro tour last year. They tell us about flying around the world to see each other, weird benefits of being a pro skater – and their child from the future.

Hey people, how was your weekend?
Sonso Masiá: My weekend was hell, came back from ISPO and straight into midterm exams in school. I missed an outlaw race in LA and I missed Sammy too, as always. But, someone sent me flowers and is gay.
Sammy: Not too bad. Had no money, so no party but lots of skating! I didn’t miss Sonso, hahaha.

How did you end up in ISPO?
Well, I went there last year and I loved it, so I asked Arbor Europe and Nikita Clothing if they could help me out with the flight. I wanted to go so badly because my retarded twin (Glori) and my retarded mum (Spoky) would be there with the other girls from the DHwomenTour to present the project to the brands.

What was the highlight of your time in Munich?
Sonso: hold on (looking for the proper pic)

What is the DH Women tour?
Sonso: Its a project involving some girls going on the eurotour together. Still in progress.
Can Sammy go if he wears a dress?
Sammy: As long as they don’t see my big dick, hmmm (won’t be that easy…)
Sonso: SAMMYY! Please! 0.o

Just as easy as finding a unicorn.
Sammy: Well that’s easy, they’re at most skateshops. If you’re referring to the loaded board.
Sonso: Hahaha

How did you guys meet?
Sammy: At a bar, I was dancing naked on the table.
Sonso: And I put dollars in his tanga.
Sammy: I didn’t like her at first, but she payed me well.
Sonso: Thanks to the Arbor sponsorship, I could afford it.
Sammy: Yeah, big thank you to Arbor. Madrid skateboards only gives me boards, wheels and stuff like that.
Sonso: Arbor gives me love too <3. Love you Arbor and Nikita.

Pro skaters get an allowance for putos?
Sonso: Its part of the job.

You saved him from a life of prostitution?
Sonso: Sure, like pretty woman.
Sammy: Yes, finally freed from prostitution. Now I’m doing good as a gold-digger.

Was it love at first sight?
Sonso: Sure, seeing as the first thing I did was punch him. Well actually no, I know we met in Kozakov, but I think I was too excited with the hill and he with finals that I didn’t notice him until Padova.
When I saw him winning the reperchage run, Javi Tato was filming next to me and was telling me to shut up because I didn’t stop saying “how hot was that guy” and he didn’t want to film it.

Why did you punch him?
Sammy: I tried to steal her purse
Sonso: My purse was in my butt, right?

Do many guys get slapped for butt pinching on tour?
Sammy: Hahaha, yeah! There was a random dude who got slapped so bad by Spoky in Italy!
Sonso: Yes and you almost got slapped by Spoky’s ex boyfriend when they found out, hahaha.
Sammy: He didn’t dare fight against a viking.
Sonso: Tad Drysdale was there taking photos, and he was drinking wine so he didnt realize he was making short videos. And the next day, he showed me the video below.
Sammy: Tad works even better when he’s drunk
Sonso: He is the best.

What race is most notorious for inappropriate behaviour?
Sammy: All the Norwegian ones. Of course.
Sonso: Worse than Kozakov? Really?…DAMMMMN, extreme week here I come!

How was Teolo?
Sonso: It was too hot.
Sammy: Hot, and the hill on the other side was a lot gnarlier.

Lots of people hook up on tour but it dies there. Why are you still together?
Sonso: I don’t know, I didn’t really realize untill we left Teolo, I was missing him too much, so weird. And the days there were so intense, never happened before.
Sammy: Skating is just how we met, I fell in love with Sonso for who she is. And there’s only one, and she’s RAD!

At what point did you realise you would be together?
Sonso: Teolo was so hot that everyone was inside the hotel on the start line, lying in the corridors, Sammy and I were sitting on a couch for hours waiting for our runs, we didn’t want to show to the people that we were together, but we couldn’t stay away from each other.
Maybe the real time I realised this would happen was when I booked a flight to Norway and told my mum I was going there to see Kari.
Sammy: After Teolo I just knew we had to meet again. After she visited me in Norway, I knew that we had to stay together.
Sonso: Well, Sammy forgot a board in Teolo so I had to take it with me and bring it to Norway. There was no other way.

Dude. Do you know Kari, Morre, Kody Noble and Sonso are all the same person?
Sonso: kari is the best we are just a few female riders on the races and all of us get very close, she is the best.
Sammy: You forgot my brother too, he looks like Kody. And if you think about it I get like five in one. It’s a good deal, although I wish my brother could stay out of it.
Sonso: Come on, stop saying I look like Kody, its just the glasses.
Sammy: I haven’t met kody yet, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have that ass. Rawr!
Sonso: Hahaha

How was the Norway, away from all the crowds in leather suits?
Sammy: Sheep and waterfalls as usual. Well, and Sonso for a change.
Sonso: It was cool, everything was so beautiful.
Sammy: Even me at times.
Sonso: Yeah.

What’s the best thing about being with someone who likes skating as much as you do?
Sammy: I don’t have to leave her in the kitchen when I go skating, which is when I’m not working.
Sonso: you misogynist bastard! You want another punch?
Sammy: I love you, now do the dishes.
Sonso: Are you kidding me? te arranco la cabeza!

Norway and Spain are far away, how do you get to skate together?
Sonso: Now its even more difficult because I’m studying in San Diego. Flights are not cheap, he came to Madrid in Xmas when I was there and met my family.
Sammy: After this summer, I hope to skate with her as often as possible, in Spain.
Sonso: Yeah, he is coming to California for two weeks in March and when I finish class in June, I’m going to Norway, to the extreme week in Voss.
Sammy: It doesn’t matter if we get to skate together often, as long as we can be together once in a while.
Sonso: We are young, we have plenty of time to be together when I finish my degrees.

Why aren’t there more skateboarding couples?
Sonso: There are some. Tamara and Patrick, Maga and Rob and a lot more. A very cute skate-couple are getting married this summer, I’m so excited, I hope we can be like them one day.
Sammy: There’s not enough skaters, haha!
Sonso: Maybe there’s not enough female skaters, you guys can be gays and make more skatecouples.
Sammy: Be fast, or be gay?

What advice do you have for lonely skaters?
Sammy: Attend races, jams, meetings, wherever you’ll find skaters and skater chicks. Or just teach your girl to skate.
Sonso: Don’t look for it, I wasn’t expecting it and suddenly I was punching Sammy. But yeah, go to races, maybe you’ll be a lucky one!

What was the highlight of your season?
Sammy: Getting punched and not being last at the Kozakov race.
Sonso: So much fun, two injuries, and my first time racing, finding Sammy was the best of all.

You could have been on the podium in Portugal!
Sonso: Well, I dont care, I’d rather if I hadn’t injured my wrist for so long and not won anything. I was first in qualifiying and I was strong and confident. But I didn’t want to think I was going to win because you never know what can happen.
Sammy: The worst of it all was not being there with her.
Sonso: Exactly

How was that weekend?
Sonso: After my week in Norway? Fucking shit! Haha nah, it was cool, I saw Gbemi and Katiana, and other friends from races. But my week in Norway was way too good, and going back to real life after that and breaking a bone… not good.
Sammy: Smells like fresh flowers here

What are your plans for 2013?
Sammy: Spend as much time as possible skating with my girl.
Sonso: Eurotour with the girls and try to see Sammy. Soon the races too. I was talking with my university about studying next year in Oslo, in the same architecture university as Kari but they are idiots and didn’t make it.
Sammy: I’m trying to find a way to study in Spain after the summer.

What do you study?
Sonso: I’m studying fine arts and architecture and Sammy is studying to become a super hero.
Sammy: Spanish, haha.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Sonso: Wherever with Sammy.
Sammy: Skating with Sonso!
Sonso: Sweet! I don’t know, but there is no work for architects in Spain and I won’t be daddy’s girl all my life.
Sammy: Might have to smuggle her with me over the border to Norway, haha.
Sonso: To the cold.

How will you spend Gnarlentines?
Sonso: Wishing I was with my hunk, going to class (actually I have some exams) and maybe I’ll call Sara or Tibs for some skating.
Sammy: Crying in the shower or passed out drunk in a ditch.
Sonso: Actually I don’t believe in SanValentin, maybe in Gnarlentines a bit, but I’m more into celebrating that we’ve been together for half a year. Don’t cry Simon, you should sing in the shower, not cry.
Sammy: I might celebrate being the luckiest man alive, hopefully the best way – skating and drinking with my buds!
Sonso: Awww, did I mention he sent me flowers?
Sammy: I didn’t find any skate shops with home delivery and flowers.
Sonso: It’s true, he wrote that in the letter. Maybe Muirskateshop should do special orders for skate couples for Gnarlentines. Flowers are cute, but wheels are more useful, I can smell the love in every predrift.

Happy 6 month anniversary, I wish you many more happy years and rad skate kids!
Sammy: Thanks! I hope you find a rad female skater this summer too! And that we finally get to meet each other.
Sonso: Awww Thanks! hahaha we didn’t reach the year yet, but it will come. We didnt notice it was already half of a year until I looked back on the date of Padova race, suddenly it was 6 months!
Sammy: Unfortunately time moves too fast when you’re having fun, and too slow when you’re without your girl.
Sonso: But soon in the future we will always be close, we are meant to be together.
Sonso: Just want to say that from 21 March to 8 April he is coming to San Diego to Visit and we are going on a road-trip to North Cali and we are looking forward to joining as many local skaters along the west coast as we can. So if anyone has a couch and a hill to share it would be awesome. THANKS, SKATE AND LOVE!

I have some news for you: Oriol is your Spanish Viking kid from the future!
Sammy: That would been a son to be proud of, he’s a really nice guy!
Sonso: Nooo! He looks too much like justin bieber.
Sonso: Haha just joking, he is an awesome guy, but last eurotour I already heared too many things from him that a mother shouldn’t hear. Haha no no, being blonde and spanish, the catalan viking doesnt makes him our kid from the future. Hahaha


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