Greener Pastures ep.2 – Equipment


We counted at least 4 sets of Aera Trucks, 1 set of Bear Precision Grizzlies, 2 sets of the very European Gang of Germany (GOG) and… well, 1 set of Paris Trucks 180 Black to laugh at them all! Man, that’s more than 2500€ in freakin’ trucks! And we are not adding their boards, tons of ‘thane, bearings and what not.

Getting ready.

While there seems to be no main trend when talking about boards, as we see pros riding very different set-ups ranging from dropped-through to top mount or dropped platform decks, trucks are probably what makes the biggest difference when it comes to performance. According to George Mackenzie, “you can just have a connection with your trucks and they can last you a really long time […] It doesn’t really matter what wheels or board I ride as long as I got the same trucks set-up… it pretty much feels the same”.

Oh, Aera Trucks.

You said trucks’ angle? Well, Ramón Könighausen laughs when talking about “adjust[ing]them three degrees and think[ing]it makes a difference”.

Oh, and what about the bushings? Patrick Switzer compares them to “adjusting the suspension of your car”. Zak Maytum‘s Venom are a clear favourite around the world and there seems to be no real competitor in terms of popularity. For your information, ABEC11, Divine, Blood Orange or Matt Arderne‘s Fat Ant Bushings are good examples of other quality bushings brands out there, just to name a few!

The video itself is quite epic. We’ve really enjoyed the nerd talking about equipment but skating is also at its finest. We’ve been able to see the fun and danger involved in 100km/h riding on open roads… you’ve got to be aware and pay attention to the smallest details. You gotta stay focused and take quick decisions. For further advise please ask James Kelly, who successfully crashed into the grass at 40mph to avoid an upcoming car. Jokes aside, we’re very glad he was not injured.

Kelly sunbathing and waving to the camera.

Finally, we’ve specially enjoyed the short feature on the manufacturing process of Fibretec Longboards: very high-quality, modern longboards coming from our very own Europe. Switzerland, actually. Pro stuff!

Fibretec ManufacturingFibretec’s CNC machine.

And remember: it’s not the equipment, it’s the rider! Equipment helps, though.

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