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Really pleased to share this interview with our very own Axel Serrat, who will be making his Greener Pastures debut tomorrow. He tells us about the adventures he’s had on tour this year and some things that brought big smiles to his face.

Hey Axel, how are you?
I’m stoked like I’ve never been. Life is good man!

What are you most stoked about?
Hard to decide, but the last year has been my best, no doubt! So many trips, so many new friends, good moments and a lot of smiles.

Are you still skating in Barcelona?
Man, Barcelona is in my veins. When I get back from any trip, one of the first things I do is skate my city. My dirty clothes could be unwashed for a week in the bag, there’s not rush for laundry, but a big one for skating.

Still riding the same setup?
Still trying to ride all the boards I used to ride, but it’s hard. Sometimes it’s crazy how weird a board can feel, considering that you used to skate it everyday.
Now my favourite set up is the Kt Arbiter with 44 calibers and Cults Isms. All Around is how we do it in Barcelona.

Are those 2 new sponsors?
Cult is one. I prefer to not have a truck sponsor. I’ve been trying a lot of trucks and been loving and hating a lot of their characteristics. So I decided not to be interested about truck sponsoring, so I get to use any truck I like best for each kind of skateboarding.


How was the 2012 season?
Awesome, I ended the season in South Africa, Racing in Hot Heels, and spending some days with my friends Josh and Benjamin in Cape Town. I was so happy to be in a race in Africa, where my roots comes from. 2012 was a great yes, experience! Things than no one can steal.

Motherland vibes, must have been special!
Yes man, I have a lot of respect for Africa, and for the rest of the World. But Africa’s got something special

When is Ben coming back to Europe?
I don’t know, but I miss him. He is rad!

What were the happiest times from 2012?
When Patrick told me he wanted to have me in Greener Patures 2, at that moment was GP2. I couldn’t believe it man. You know I am from Spain, people can be pretty fucked up here, lots of shit is going on and most people are having hard times. So to be able to do what I love still feels like a dream. I just feel so glad.

How would life there be if you didn’t have skating?
Probably I would be working in something outside, being sound engineer in live concerts, or working in production stuff, something that makes my brain active. But definitely life would be weird and probably boring.

What is Greener Pastures?
Greener Pastures is Patrick Switzer’s idea, a project that wants to break boarders between companies and put them in the same video, employing different talented riders with different styles and skills. Giving them the opportunity to skate together in a skateboarding paradise and also giving the chance to influence one another.


What’s your involvement with the project?
I am one of the riders, representing Original Skateboards, also I can be whatever the production crew needs haha. ”Mr. Pat Coffee?”, ”Alberto do you need a massage?” ”Bitch, do you need swiss chocolate haha.
I just want to give a big hug to Yvon, he is rocking it from the hospital. Crazy shit happen to him… sometimes being the cameraman is more dangerous than riding.

Did he get hurt shooting?
Yes man, I heard he was filming a  freeride and he was hit by a streetluge that lost control and went straight to him.

Sounds like this GP was even more European than the last one!
Haha that’s the fact. The European scene is growing up madly, I am so happy about that. So many friends shredding it.

What’s been the biggest change in Europe in the last couple of years?
America is taking us more serious, because we have been working to create our own scene and we’re doing pretty well. New riders, crews, freerides, races, magazines, companies even websites.
We’re doing our thing and we’re killing it.


How was the filming experience?
Oh man. Filming is always hard, specially being in such an amazing place. It is hard to stop the small radical side of your brain that says FUCK IT, AND JUST SKATE.
But man, it was great because of that rad crew. When you’re filming, it is really important to have a strong connection between riders and filmers. We were many good people, best professionals in the production and lots of great camera gear. So it was perfect.

Will this be different from other skate films we’ve seen?
Yes, I think most of the videos or are about street, or freeride or downhill. This project is been filmed in an incredible place and will be the perfect All Around video. I hope it will make people open their eyes to other styles. It’s not good to be closed to other styles. If there’s anything good about skateboarding it’s that it lets you do whatever you want. Sometimes it’s good for your brain cordination to try new stuff.
There’s too many people than takes it too seriously and they put limits on it, and honestly, in my opinion they fucked it up. I think skateboarding is too fun to put limits on it. Just enjoy it and find your skateboarding, no caring about fads or sponsors, just for passion.

Can you give us any hints about what to expect in GP?
I haven’t seen a lot, but it looks like it’s gonna make you feel like you’re there, you’re gonna need to take your board and go skate. The big difference between GP and GPO is that this time, there’s not just downhill and freeride, Patrick wanted to make a video with as much styles as possible. So you can expect, crazy landscapes, and crazy slides, tracks, tricks. Smiles from everyone. I think this project will show how stoked our scene is.

What did you get up to after GP?
I rested for a while and I think 2 weeks after there was a freeride in Valencia. Shit man, you don’t know how many freerides are going on in Spain, it’s crazy! 4 years ago we were lucky if we could go to 2 freerides. And now there’s almost 1 every month.
We are so lucky to live in Spain. Nice roads and good weather.



How come there are so many freerides now?
The number of skateboarders interested in freerides have increased in the last 5 years. SO MANY riders are kicking it around Spain and around Europe. I am really happy to see how skateboarding is devoloping.

Will having more freerides translate to having more putos on IDF podiums?
I don’t think so, I think most of the people in the top rankings skate every day. You have to make your brain used to skating and I don’t think you can do that skating 5 or 6 freerides per year. I would love to have enough freerides to stop people skating open roads. Haha nah. I really like the feeling of skating open roads, it’s fun and dangerous at same time, two things that most skaters love. But you have to know your limits and always skate them safe.

Do you have a favourite freeride?
Velefique is pretty magical. Wild nature, small village, nice locals, cheap food, free swimming pool, and lots of party. HAHAHAHA,
It is hard to say but I would love a freeride in Spain, but with German organization. Haha that would be awesome!

Did you attend any freerides outside Spain?
Yes Knk and Vandem Freeride, also one day in Kozakov, and I missed Col De Rigalet, and Col de la Bonnete. Next year I am planing to go to Giants Head, looks so much fun!

How was your summer?
Best summer ever, it was my 4th euro tour, and after 4 years you start knowing the people and having good friendships with lots of them. So every year is better and better. It’s good to wait one year to see people that you usually don’t see. People forget their problems and just live life day by day. The biggest problems are finding food, wheels and trying to stay SAFE. Skateboarding and partying everyday, we just bring a party around Europe. It is fun man!

What was the best thing about this year’s euro tour?
Knk vibes. People were so relaxed, skating for fun and not to be the first.
Also I liked to see Adam Persson being first in an Internacional race, everyone was so stoked to see him going up to the podium! He deserves it.

Will you be travelling anymore this year?
I am thinking about going to some events in Belgium and Holland. And the rest of the year I think I will be traveling around Spain trying to find nice hills to hit. There’s so much to discover, and I fucking love the feeling of finding a new gnarly spot.

What are your plans for next year?
Plans, that’s something I am not really used to doing. I will try to keep living and see what comes, with a big smile on my mouth and lots of positive energy. Hopefully there’s gonna be more trips, and I go to new places. I am looking forward to going to the American West Coast, from Cali to Vancouver, but let’s see if its gonna be possible.


What do you do when you’re not skating?
Finally I found some time and I’m trying to get into music, just for fun. Also like to spend time with my family and friends. Making some work for original, editing videos and planning filming trips. Basically trying to to the best.

It’s been great to catch up bro. Keep spreading the stoke and looking forward to see you in GP tomorrow.
Thanks to you Bro, it is always nice to talk to you.

Any thank yous?
Thanks to my family and my friends. I send all my positive vibes to NEGRO and JOTA, I am sure they can do it!
I also want to thank my sponsors Sickboards Shop, Ennui, Cult, Rdm Barcelona and specially to Original Skateboards, that has trusted in me since the begin.
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  2. Hey Axel! One of the first videos I saw from longboarding was your video from Barcelona and it was that sick that I started to skateboard. I started a year and a half ago and I am having sooo much fun. Now I am just discovering diferent styles and just skating almost every day. Its good to hear that you are doing good and having fun and I hope to see more videos of you and your sick style. I am from Slovenia so I will probably attend KNK next year and I hope I will see you there.
    Have fun Kristjan

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