Hamburg City Rollbrett race report


For the second time Hamburg, Germany was the venue of ‘The Hamburg City Rollbrett Race. Last Sunday, nearly a hundred longboarders popped up to take part in the 2nd issue of this fun event.
25 teams with three riders were heading for ten stations all over the city, no fixed route. A photograph of a sticker was necessary to prove the attendance of the whole team at every station.

The destination was the legendary ”donnerspark” (dopa) – a fast right handed corner in a public park. The organizers set up a tent in the flat zone with music, beer & bbq. Everything was prepared for an afternoon of fun. The right hander was perfect for a slide jam. After one hour the first team arrived totally stoked at dopa. Gradually the other teams droped in and filled up the party zone. Even the ordinary park visitors stopped for a beer and enjoyed the longboarders show.
The fringe events were sensational. A jump ramp was set up, there was a limbo-slide contest and a hippie jump contest with sensational bails!
Another highlight was the ale-bench with mounted original-trucks. It was the first perfect use of these trucks I saw. Everybody tried to ride, walk, slide this bulky horse.
It was a fantastic sunday afternoon with a lot of longboard fun.

Props go out to Rene and Caro for the setting up of such an fine guerilla style event!

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Gordon A. Timpen

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