Hamburg Skateboardercross 2012 report


The 2nd Boardercross in Hamburg, Germany 2012 happened on the 28th of July. After the great success of the 2010 issue and two years of preparing, the 2nd edition took place.

70 riders showed up everywhere from Fensburg to Freiburg and were assigned to ride the mirror tracks. 10 obstacles per track, including starting ramp, dromedary, banks, tunnel, trannies and at least a kicker. The riders had two hours of freeriding to get used to
the track and the obstacles. It was raining cats and dogs at that time, so a fun time for everybody.
 The qualifying runs took place in the pouring rain and the riders needed a minimum number of points to enter the heats, so the judges had a lot of maths to do.
 During this break the track started to dry, which meant that the heats would be on a dry track and even the obstacles started to get the grip they were missing. That was a big advantage for the pumping slalom guys, who immediately took the speed on the ground which wasn‘t possible before.

The heats were full of suspense and many tactics, the spectators saw thrilling heats and a lot lot of bails. The winner was Elie Limbacher from Berlin, of course with a slalom set up. The womens prize was taken home by Nadine Hünemörder from Dortmund.

After racing, there was a nice chill session with three live bands, but the skating didn‘t stop so the guitar player of the ska/punk band „wollepolle“ even played while on a balanceboard and the party stopped late at night.

Thanks to the rollsport hamburg e.v. for this fantastic event!

Gordon Timpen

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