Hog hill spring session report


Last week, we spoke to Sam from the UK Slalom Skateboarding Association about the upcoming slalom contest & freeride at Hog Hill aka Redbridge Cycle Centre. I popped down there on the Saturday for a bit of freeride in the glorious sun!
 So many people had come down from all over the UK for this event, many of whom I saw once or twice last year, but because of the busy skating calendar – we’ve skated together twice in consecutive weeks. The Southampton Scallywags were out in full force led by epic bearded legend Timmy Peters, Southend Pirates, the whole of the Nottingham skate scene aka Oli Jepson and a few people from London.

The venue is awesome. They make awesome bacon sandwiches. There are also some bits for skating fast down.
First being a mild slope on the East side which was commandeered by the Slalom gang for their racing and cone dodging antics. (Congrats to Louis and Bruno for their podium finishes).
There was quite a big turn out and keen racing, I watched a few of them, one of the most entertaining was watching the sublimely talented Harry Phelps race against his dad. He is probably one of the best AllAround skaters of any age I’ve seen. He does anything on any board really well with a huge smile on his face.
Behind the slalom section, there is a straight steep hill aka freeride hill, it runs parallel to the main track, almost as fast but without the crashing. Great for sliding

 The main course of this freeride feast is the big track. Really wide and a nice gradient at the top, runs into a chicane and a nice straight.
It was my first time at Hog Hill and it took some persuading from Josh Monk and Oli to finally do my first run. I had been doing some sliding on the freeride track to psyche myself up for it. Did a Nottingham sandwich, with plumber Oli in front and Josh behind, took it very easy and decided to bust out a slide halfway down and nearly kill Josh – for a laugh. He lived, and we went on to enjoy many fun runs after!

 The highlight for me was the sheer number of gromsicles from all over the place, (some about the same size as their boards) really gunning it down the hill. The future is gnar!

 Reports suggest the furious Fouries cleaned up on race day, taking top positions in the open class and mini moto races.
Really looking forward to the next one. Massive thanks to the UKSSA for inviting me!

Next stop BO PEEP!

Massive thanks to the wonderful Amanda Manke, Rob Ashby and Sam Gordon for the photographs

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