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Last week I had a nice long chat with Ishtar about her recent adventures in Peru, New Zealand and Australia. We discuss her tours and the upcoming IGSA races in Oz. (Congrats on finishing 3rd in Mt Keira!)

Hello Ishti! Long time no speak, how have you been?
I’ve been great! Enjoying life fully and completely.

Last time we spoke you were just about setting off for Sweden, how was home?
Coming home was really nice! I’d been on the road for almost 8 months.. And I really needed to clear some stuff up, in my mind and with my relationships! I’m stoked! Got in contact again with my two brothers that I love so much! And got to share my love for longbaording with them too, I gave them my board and some skate stuff, and both of them are stoked on riding! Too bad the city I’m from is not hilly, but they’re making the best  out of it!
Also getting in contact with the Swede vibes reminded me of where I’m from, and where my dreams started, the source of them. I’m happy I went back because It’s easy to get lost and connecting with my roots gave me so much energy and clarity of where I want to go and what I’m striving for.
The 3 weeks I got to spend at home with the family and friends is a big part of my journey, and I feel clear and stoked to head into new adventures. I’ve got a strong and loving support that’s keeping my back safe.

When did you set off on your new adventure?
It’s an ongoing adventure. But I traveled to the other side of this globe from Sweden about one and a half months ago! Super stoked! I’m so happy to be here and meeting my AMAZING Ozzy family! So stoked!

Nice! What have you been getting up to in Australia?
Well I just finished a mural at the hop shop! Its so big, reaches over 3 walls! Ill take a photo and send it to ya tmorrow!
Skating, Trying to nail some stuff! Super stoked, Marisa and I have been skating all day with Pommy Josh and Fin Ville! So much fun and I’m so suprised over how much we nailed in one day, from not freeriding at all for months to just what we did today! Rad!!

 Always with Marisa Nunez. Is she your favourite person in the world?
Hahaha I love her so much! I’m having a blast traveling, skating and adventuring with her! Man We just finished an INTENSE tour in NZ! with a rad group of guys touring the northern island of NZ in a bus! Good times! Sometimes a bit too good!

I already saw the mural I love it! When are you going to paint me something?
Oh man you havent seen nothing yet! The one you probably saw was just the start! I’ll have to first physically meet you bro! But for sure I’ll create you something.

Hang on – Pommy Josh? As in the Legendary Josh Monk aka Monkasauraus?
Hahah! Yeah, never heard that one before, -but he’s RAD! Got the privilege to tour around NZ with him. Funny times!

Tell me about this skate tour you did in New Zealand.
Yes! the radest! It’s called the N-tense D-cense tour organised by the one and only Broseph Canuck aka Speedy! It’s a 16 day intense skate trip starting at Wellington working it’s way up the most beautiful country sides and citys of NZ up to Auckland and a bit north above. So much skating and  adventures! Water rafting was truly one of the most exiting things I’ve ever done! And experienceing this with all the skaters that had come from all over the world made it so much better!

This tour is really something I would recommend to all skaters, It’s a guaranteed good time, really rowdy and fun!
Marisa and I got to take some breaks for the bus though. After a week and a half we jumped off when the bus stoped by Auckland, (the place we’ve been staying at with Dasha Kornienko, (who by the way is one of the sweetest girls on this earth!) But we lasted two days, and then we had to join the tour again because we just could not keep away! We joined up with the the boys up at the Magamukas, personally one of my favorite hills in NZ!
Most of the guys from the N-tence tour are here in OZ now, Like Pommy and Ville, and of course the whole rad crew from Hopkin! So the show goes on and Im still happy AS!

Wow. Who made up the rest of the skate crew for this tour?
It was really an international crew!
Josh Monk from the UK, Ville Hietala aka SHAZZA! from Finland, Thomas Higgins, aka Wicked souse from Canada (this guy truly loves NZ! I wish I could have helped him out more that night out as a wing man, and gotten him a wife to marry so he could stay in the land of his dreams!)
From the Hopkin team we’ve got Adam Yates aka Yate dog and Gabriel Antonio and the radest cunt ever!! Ben Bro Hay! ( I love Benny. He’s the man! Such a good role model and one of the most solid skaters ever, mad respect to him!! )
We had Local shredder Philip Cumming from NZ, (together with Yates these two would write mad blog reports of each day that went by and then read them out loud in the bus when we were on the road!
I had my homeboy Karl Porsner from Stockholm Sweden, This dude is one of the first skaters I started up with back home Love him! He’s also my dance partner at what ever music related occasion !
Creg Bond aka Bondy Huge heart and funny guy, Gabe put together a rad little shred film of him and Yates busting some steez at one of the hills. hahah Bondy got some mad gangsta style going.. but he’s really the sweetest guy!
And of course Marisa and I! ( I think having girls on the tour made it just a little bit sweeter, just saying!)
Couldn’t have asked for a better tour driver, Body was the perfect man for the task, he has stories  from every single corner of the north island, he has the mad contacts! He knows everybody! Such a cool guy! And by his side was the so lovely and beautiful Lionie from Germany. Those two together…
 And finally the one and only! Speedy! I owe him the biggest thanks ever for making this happen. There are so many people that talk about putting these kind of things together but few actually do it. It is a risk (money wise) you might end up having to pay for some stuff straight from your pocket sometimes when things might take unexpected turns. But he does it with the biggest passion and love for the sport! The opportunity to get to cruise around one of the most beautiful islands on this planet, with such a rad crew! Man I had the time of my life. Thank you so much Speedy!

Who documented your adventuring on the island?
Gabe was pretty keen on getting most of the happenings captured on his fancy pancy camera! (I tried using it on occasions, and even with him explaining many times how it works with  real patience, I just could not get a single good shot with that camera. I admire his pics really Good stuff!
And of course we all got some GoPro footie. I also tried to keep up with the camera as often as possible. Got some good shots that I can be pretty proud of!

Nice! When will we start seeing videos from this trip?
Some are already out, the one with Bondy and Yeatse just got relised, and I stumbled upon another one made by Phil. More’s on the way!

What are the videos called?
“Yate dawg and C-bond” is one of them…
Phil’s is called “Pips N-tense D-Cents” Good times!!

I saw a trailer for an ‘’end of the world tour’’ on your blog when is it out?

Two of the episodes are out now! So stoked to share our Cusco adventure with everyone! Rob’s been making a really good job editing and putting the film together. All together there will be 6 episodes.
The first one was named “Sunrise” and the other one “The sacred valley of the Incas” I’m just so happy whenever I put them on and get to re-live that trip! I’m so happy I found these friends of mine, and that I’m able to keep on living, skating and hanging out with them even though we’ve relocated to down under!
It’s the same vibes, Love it!

Haha you’ve been a busy girl. What was your highlight of your 16 days around NZ?
Water rafting was epic!! I was so nervous before, cause we knew the track had a seven meter drop water fall that we had to survive! But it was rad, Such an adrenalin kick!
Also following Benbro down the hill, seeing, feeling and sticking his lines was magic! I Learned so much, so thankful and can’t wait to skate with him again!
But experiencing  and sharing this tour with one of my best mates Marisa was gold worth! So happy that we could do this together!
So the N-tense D-cence tour is where the ‘’End of the world’’ videos came from?
No no now you’ve got this all wrong mate!!
The end of the tour vid’s are from Rob and our trip to Cusco! Remember the last time I talked with you, I was working in a bar in Cusco waiting for my mates to head over so that we could start the adventure… Yea that’s the end of the world tour!
And the Ntense tour was held by speedy during our stay in NZ! With all the stinky swetty jedus flowing mates from abroad! Got it?! hahaha

I remember Cusco – where you were counting all that money right?
You got it!

Fill me in on Peru! What went down? 
Party, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll!!!!!!! haha…
I was so happy when I woke up early one morning in my dorm at the kokopelli hostel where I was living and working at. I went out to brush my teeth. and I heard Maga and Marisa’s voices from the entrance! (they had been driving for over 20 hours from Lima to Cusco) I ran out to see them. So stoked! A really great family reunion! The skating started that same day and went on for a week! All the hills we’ve been checking out on google maps ,we hit up. Abra Malaga was the most epic of them all! The road on the way to Macchu Pichu! Over 50 haripins, smooth pavement, and amazing landscape! I was stunned, barely looking at the road while skating it down! Epic!

Now your reasons for travelling so much are clear – Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll!
hahaha If only! Nah, skating is way more fun then all of those together!
Who is Maga?
Who is Maga? Oh man!
Maga is one of my favorite people, married to another of my favorite people Rob. these two make the Mc Whinne’s!
Maga is also one of the leading lady shredders over here in Oz, keeping the local Longboard Girls Crew vibrant and alive! Having so much fun skating and hanging out with her!

What was the rest of the tour like?
Adventures, I mean the locations we got to visit and skate are just so historical, filled with so much mystic!
I had my eyes set up into the sky most of the time. Waiting for something shiny to fly by… I mean theyve got one of the strongest energy levels over there in Cusco, So I was expecting a visit from above.
Not yet though. We also got to skate down the Nascr lines, normally you have to take a plane above ground to be able to see the lines and shapes that are mysteriously made in the ground, but I glipsed some lines that made a turtle pretty close to the road we skated.

Amazing how the landscapes changed, one day we would be skating throgh  green mountains and the other we’d be skating through complete desert!

How many of you went on this tour?
We were three girls, Maga, Marisa and I and then three boys – Rob dog, Chrstian Salmon and Jose Cortez!

So Ishti, you like tours – do you want to come touring in the UK? There will be Rock ‘n’ Roll and cheese sandwiches. Can’t guarantee any of your other 2 requirements I’m afraid!
Haha, I won’t say more. Man I would love to!! Pommy is trying so hard to convince us to come. Would be a blast!!

Yeah! How can you say no to his pretty face?
That’s the problem, I can’t! Maybe I’ll just chain him to the hop shop and make him miss his plane back home!

Haha. What was the next stop after your 16 day road trip around new zealand?
Ozzy land, after the tour ended I repacked my bag and headed over here.

How are you keeping busy in Austrailia?
From the minute I came here I’ve been landing art gigs all over. Got to do the Hop wall, same day one of  the gromet’s mum invited me over to Melbourne, she got some contacts of surf board makers where I could maybe design some graphics. One of the skaters came in today and I might get to do a wall at the gelato place that he works at… Skating and just hanging out with my mates! Really enjoying life  right now truly and fully!!
And next week the city’s gonna get CROWDED! All the international skaters are heading in for the upcoming two races, Mt. Keira and Newtons Nation! So stoked to see everyone again!

Is this the most painting you’ve ever done? 
One of them for sure! I made a piece at the kaha shop in stockholm that reaches up and beyond half of the ceiling. Necks get sore, but so worth it. Hopefully more to come!

How are things back in the shop?
Kahalani shop? Good So many new gromets oh god! Such cute things! Haha so cool to meet them and see how much bigger the scene gets every year!

When will you see Gnardam again?
Oh Adam! I saw him when I was back in Swe for a while. He’s rad, I hope to see him in Canada this summer. Wish he could be here now..

Will you be competing at these 2 races?
Yes, Looking forward to Mr. Keira the most! I have a feeling I’m going to love that hill! Newtons is another thing..

What’s so special about Mt Keira?
Fast sweepers, I love to just go fast, and get pitted in those lines! Hahah I’ve heard so much good about Keira, I can’t wait to ride her! The event is top class! Music concerts, great food (Robs working his magic in the kitchen this year!!) and all the friends coming together! Stoked!

Sounds like an awesome party! Good luck in the races, and fly the flag high and proud for Europe!
How long will you remain down there and where’s the next stop?
Honestly, I’m in Love!
You know all that talk last time about the dogtown and those vibes, Well I think I found them here. Love the lifestyle, the thought of sun all year long and the way they treat their gromets, Tuff love! I love it!
I think I’ll be back soon again. Marisa and I are heading to Canada and the US for the summer, to catch up with friends and family. Fun times. Looking forward to stopping by Daddies and to say hi to all of those guys! So many people I want to meet and hang out with. I’m looking forward to it!

As always, it has been great speaking to you. Already looking forward to our next chat
I was so happy when you wrote to me this morning, cool that we got to get together like this once more! Not even the huge time difference could come between us! haha

There is no obstacle true love cannot overcome.
Haha you said it!

Good luck in the races, I look forward to featuring some of your writing on OUR site soon!
I’m really looking forward to that, and make sure to stop me if you think I’m going off too much on the spacey stuff.

I like you just the way you are Ish. Wouldn’t change anything for the world. 
Naw, thank you! Watch out for some spaced out views from the road!
Say Hi to all the pommyes from me!!

I’m all the Pommy you need!

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