Jump Festival report


Last weekend I couldn’t have had more fun than I did at the event in Ibi, Gnarlicante, Spain.
It featured many extreme competitions; skateboarding, BMX, BMX urban downhill and downhill skateboarding, mixed  with live concerts, dancing and partying.
The longboard competition was a 700 meter urban downhill course with 2 nice lefts, lots of fun! In the beginning I was a bit afraid as it was my first DH after my broken ankle healed, but this event gave me the self-confidence I needed, I feel like myself again, after this I feel that I can race again!
 I arrived on Friday. Derek and Lauder, from the Longbrothers Alicante picked me up from the train station and we went straight to Ibi, the town of the event. Out there I met my friends and DH teachers from Madrid, Rafael Garrido (now Landyachtz rider), Eduardo Cordero (Volatile longboards rider) and Luis Villaamil. I used to ride a lot with these guys, they are the ones who taught me almost all I know about DH. We started the weekend with a fun DH run near the town. Alicante should be called GNarlicante, man! The longbrothers have fucking awesome hills out there! After that we found a nice place to sleep, looking at the stars until the next day. THE DAY.
The next morning, I was so anxious for the event to start. The hill looked fresh and gnarly. I have to be honest and say that I was afraid of it, it was my first dh event after the injury man!
Maria Giner and Irene Puyol arrived for the event that morning in the Ridersfly van; we 3 were the only girls on the event… So sad!
We three were definitely afraid, but the training in the morning was really nice, relaxed at the beginning and gaining more speed by midday. I love to ride with other girls, but what I love the most is seeing that I can go in the men’s pack, and If I try to follow the men’s pack, the other girls try to do it too, as Irene said: ‘if she doesn’t air brake, I won’t air brake! And that makes me very proud, to motivate other girls and also get their motivation.

 So, the competition in the afternoon was more like a game, we three skated and had fun and we didn’t imagine that there would be any female category. We rode against the boys, knowing that we really can’t do anything against them.

The first qualifying round was divided into groups of 4 riders, all the girls in one group; Maria Giner and I were through to the
next round, a round made of pairs of riders, so we rode against one guy; I think I was really lucky as the guy who I rode against fell
on the first left corner so I got to the final line first.

So, I was in the semi finals! MAN! In the semifinals: 5 boys and me! I knew I couldn’t do anything against those 5 beasts, Eduardo Cordero, Luis Villaamil, Rafael Garrido, Carlos Sanva and Buti.

Obviously I knew I wasn’t able to win, only if the one I ride against (Eduardo Cordero) fell. But if it would happen it wouldn’t be fair, as I knew that Cordero can be first on the finals and he is my friend. So we made our race relaxed, just enjoying the ride and he got in the finals! He was running against Carlos Sanva and Luis Villaamil.

This is how it ended:
 1 Eduardo Cordero (Volatile rider)
2 Carlos Sanva
3 Luis Villaamil
This event not only gave me a nice pair of caliber trucks (that I now love), I got all the confidence I lost when I injured my ankle! Also I hope next year there will be more girls racing!

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