Knugs Outlaw 2013


The Vikings are awake from their winter slumber and are wasting no time before getting their freeride season going. First off, world famous Team Lakritspipa and the Knugs outlaw on March 30th.Sweden’s most handsome, good looking and classy skate-team: Team Lakritspipa are, believe it or not, arranging for the second year in a row, the most awesome event in all of whole Europe. Knugs Outlaw. It takes place on the super awesome, gnarly, sketchy hill only for sponsored skaters with stylish hair and no helmets, better know as “Knugs”.

Last year’s event was a great success and people have longed for a repeat of the event ever since. Finally your waiting will soon be over! This year on the 30th of March, the much anticipated day will come. Too bad It’s Easter Eve that day so unfortunately some will miss it, because of boring family dinners.

Sublime Boards and a bunch of other sponsors together with Team Lakritspipa will have a well arranged event with many great prizes. There will be a downhill race and Slidejam with mini contests. The winner of the Race will dubbed as the “knig” (Knug in Swedish) it is a misspelling of the word King (Kung) and is named after the street the hill is located on which is called Kingsbarn (Kungsladugård). Last years “Knig” was our beloved Per “Pjäx” Christner.

Facebook event:

Photos by Love Rex Persson

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