La Muela II freeride report


Stoke. That’s the word I’d choose to describe this event if I could use only one. La Muela Freeride was amazing AGAIN!. LONGBOARD ZARAGOZA, LONGBOARD GIRLS CREW and CARIBBEAN are guilty for having over 150 riders having fun like they were children. In addition, this was a charitable event which donated all the profits to NGO KASAK for Nicaragua.


We were in Zaragoza from Thursday night because we wanted to extract the whole juice of the event, but the weather was not great. On Friday night it was raining. After an endless winter, we were desperate to skate, so early on Saturday we woke up and headed to La Muela. When we arrived at the inscription zone, it was cold as hell and raining, but the sun was expected to be with us. And… YES! after
a while some clear zones could be seen in the sky.
After signing up, we moved to the action zone, the road was drying. FUCK YES! Everything was ready. Volunteers, sponsors, organizers, both spots (there were two different zones: one fast, one carvy. So EVERYBODY could enjoy this freeride). Let’s go!

Around 11am, the first group of riders went down the hill. It was a very windy day, so the speed was not very high. It had two consequences, both good.
Firstly, everybody wanted to try the fast zone because of the wind, so all the riders went down the hill. Secondly, up to 10 rider packs were skating together! Unbelievable descents.
Riders meeting

At lunchtime, everybody was happy and smiling. Stoke was in us! After having lunch and resting, it was time for more downhill and more stoke. In the afternoon, the skating was faster and more drops could be done. After 11 runs, skating was over, but not the day. There was a party in Zaragoza waiting for us; J. Flaherty’s Irish Pub was the place. Tea Party Dj’s made everybody dance after the dinner. The atmosphere was very good and everybody enjoyed the party time.

Unfortunately, on Sunday it snowed in La Muela and sadly the event had to be cancelled for the safety of the skaters. But all was not lost. The organizers prepared a typical Spanish “almuerzo” for the brave riders that were there. After eating and commenting on the anecdotes of the previous day, the event was finished.

Miss Golden-Hair

Great event that the evil weather could not spoil. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the persons and sponsors who have made it possible for one more year. We had an epic weekend.

Hopefully, see you next year with a lot more fun (including some koala hugs) in La Muela Freeride III.

Photos by Alejandro Usyk

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