Lagoa Azul Qualification day report


Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. Starting with an up – instead of the riders getting 2 timed runs, they got 5 heats. According to Koma Kino, the organisation had paid €1200 a day for a timing system. The company brought the wrong equipment and messed up the plan. So he decided to run this system which meant more riding for everyone.

The first freeride didn’t start till about an hour after it was scheduled. One rider was missing from the list, and the road had to be open to traffic after every run. Unfortunately, we lost Matt Elver (super fast English/Freiburg bro) and Dominik Kowalski to injury the day before.

After the warm-up run everyone started going really fast. The match-ups in the heats were interesting. Some nice mixes, lots of fast guys riding close and runs with 4 riders from the same country were pretty good. There were a lot of spectators compared to Friday, but still not enough for an occasion of this size. Many of the locals were cheering on their riders, and crash corner became party corner. People were braking less and carrying crazy speeds into the corner but nailing it pretty well.

The groms were killing it, the girls were killing it. In one run, the Catalan Viking was neck and neck with Jacob Raab and leading him in the straight. At the end of the day he qualified just one point above Deen Mondt, so the Junior final will definitely be a lot of fun. As he did in Bo Peep, Hertler finished first and is a favourite for the pole position.

Most of the runs were clean and all the riders walked away from the crashes. There was one unfortunate crash with our buddy Unai, who was taking photos in crash corner. A rider took out a whole bunch of tyres and with his remaining momentum – took out the cameraman. They both walked away from the accident, unfortunately Unai’s camera didn’t.

We went to watch the last run near the finish line and that’s when things took a turn for the worst. Everyone came down and was waiting for the bus, but we didn’t see Sonso come down. Then we heard the bad news that Sonso had been taken to hospital. I was really really sad. I thought maybe she wouldn’t have fallen if I had been there cheering her on. But she’s okay now and is sitting next to me in party corner as I write this.

There was supposed to be a slalom race and a “soft” downhill and rookies skateboard competition, but because there was only one ambulance, all the skating had to be stopped.

We went back to the campsite and there was a whole pig being slow roasted for us. A bacon lovers dream. We played lots of football, where I was reminded that skaters are really shit at running.

The party that night was so much more fun than the previous day. Everyone was stoked on the day’s skating and the yummy food. The music was good and everyone just let go and had a good time. Too much of a good time, as we didn’t sleep till 3 and we had to be up at 7.

Full day of skating ahead of us, the finals of the final stop of the IGSA Euro Tour.

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