LBZ Birthday Bash


Had the pleasure of talking to one of the organisers of a great freeride (and party) in Portugal last weekend – my dear friend Miss Torroais. Read on for details of this awesome event.

Hello Suzie! Great to talk to you again
Hey Hey :- )

How was your weekend?
It was a freaking blast! hehe

What did you get up to?
Skating of course!!! This sunday we reunited the LBZ family for the 4th birthday of Longboarderz forum.

Who is we?
Longboarderz LBZ Crew.

Happy birthday LBZ!
Yay!! Thank you

How did you celebrate?
In the best way, skating all together!! We held a Freeride Bashment Jam up at North of Portugal, at Minhoteira.

Was there cake?
No haha, but there were gifts.

Who planned this event?
Zeto Leão (Z-Dog) and I planned it.

How was the reception by the riders?  
Everyone was smiling, everyone was happy, so couldn’t be better. I think we were 25 riders there, from North to South.

What was the hardest thing about planning this event?
Bureaucracy with city hall, we wanted to make the Freeride Jam at Ossa spot, kind of a pre-IGSA thing. But bureaucracy screwed everything up, so we moved up north and the Mayor of Pinheiro da Bemposta (Minhoteira) eased everything for us, so after changing location it all went pretty well as expected.

It would have been awesome to have it at the spot for the IGSA event!
Yeah it would!! A lot of our spanish friends were keen on coming too, but without the city hall authorization it was a risk to go ahead with it. We couldn’t get the roads closed there, and when almost 60 people are in for it, we have to put security first! Above everything! Ride hard, but first of all Ride safe! So we decided to change location.

How did the day turn out for you?
The rain was a threat but luckily it rained all over Portugal except there haha! Gotta say, we at LBZ are blessed with good weather, never ever rained on our events.
Everyone showed up early, stoked to skate, and it was so good to see and hug friends that live far. I think the best thing is the gathering of everyone, that usually don’t get together due to the hundreds of km apart. Sharing stories, adventures and then skating with big smiles on our faces. Priceless!

Did you get to ride or were you too busy organising?
I rode of course, but not as much as I wanted, it’s always like that, but I don’t mind, I like to be “backstage”.
Love to chat and spend some time with everyone, and then also have to make some pauses for photographic moments. Trying to cover all of it and create immortal memories for later.
Zeto Leão also didn’t ride much, driving everyone up and down and checking if everything was ok. Friends helped a lot too!! Big big Up for them all – Alcides for driving up and down, Tiago for holding a yummy barbecue for everyone. Friends are always the key!

What is the spot like?
There you have 3 roads, that all end at the same spot. You have a easy road, great for beginners, an intermediate one and a hard one, where if you make a mistake you go down the cliff haha
So it was great for every skill level! Everyone had fun.

Did anyone fall off the cliff?
No one got hurt! No one! So good.

Was there a competition? 
No competition, just jamming, trying to be faster and faster every time. We had the support from the amazing HACKBRETT LONGBOARDS and ORANGATANG WHEELS. So for our Birthday we gave away awesome gifts!!
We wrote everyone’s name on pieces of paper and we drew the goodies for the lucky winners! A Hackbrett Killer – brand new deck, sets of Otang wheels, and bottles of wine from Vidigal Wines haha.

What was the highlight for you?
I really don’t know, there were so many great moments. I guess the giveaway time, the barbecue, the skating together. Oh all day was highlighted!

Haha ok we are jealous enough now! Thank you for sharing the stoke Su! See you in 22 nights!
22 and counting!!!! hahah can’t wait to hug you! haha and skate MOYANO!!!

Yeah! I want to learn a bit of hardwheel hugging from you!
hahaha you’ll get addicted!

We’ll see
: -)

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