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Did you ever think about a longboarding videogame? We certainly did, but somehow got the idea that it would be too difficult to make it realistic and fun. Well, the guys at Distinctive Games and its latest creation in mobile videogames is here to make you decide after playing their new Downhill Xtreme longboard racing game.

You read it right: a longboard racing videogame where you can push, tuck, airbrake, and predrift. After more than 4 years of being involved in the longboard movement, this release has actually been particularly exciting for me. To be honest, we could have never imagined that we’d be playing a longboard videogame just like we would play the classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater back in the years.

According to Distinctive,

“As the App Store’s first longboarding title, Downhill Xtreme is a free-to-play game featuring gorgeous 3D graphics, pinpoint accelerometer controls, player customization, offline and online racing and an awesome soundtrack from a bunch of cool indie artists.”

So it’s pretty much all about racing; no tricks for the time being. No nose-manuals, g-turns, peter-pans, or robin-hoods on shiny toes. Speed, tuck, choose your lines and be faster than your opponents, just like a car game. However, instead of improved engines and nitro, we’ll be dealing with wheels wearing out, different deck models, rider customization and personal coaching for instance, which we will need to have under our control if we want to become this year’s virtual World Circuit Champion.
On top of that, Downhill Xtreme allows for on-line racing and qualifying so that should add up to the fun. We say it might be a good way to train your lines for the real races this year. You know: start wide and aim for the apex.

After playing a little bit ourselves we can say that it can get fun if you go into the on-line mode and start competing against other riders. We like that wheels wear out and that they have different acceleration and drift characteristics. Also, as you can see on the latest pic, Loaded / Orangatang has sponsored the game (and the game’s races).

The app is available FREE on the AppStore for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Let us know your name in the comments and let’s race, biatch!

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