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This week we were fortunate to have a nice chat with the delightful Maitane Rascón, hailing from the North of Spain. We discuss the longboarding scene in her part of the world and she tells about her time with the Longboard Girls Crew on their summer roadtrip.
Enjoy !

Hello Maitane, thanks for taking time out to talk to us.
Thank you, I´m so happy !

When did you first start skating ?
I´ve been skating for nearly 3 years. But I surfed earlier before that, the surfing helped me get into longboarding.

That explains a lot, you have a unique style
Everyone has a unique style!

Maitane Rascón - Photo by Amaia Rascón

True. What got you into longboarding ?
I like surfing, and my boyfriend gave me a longboard, my first longboard. That’s what got me into it, at first I used the board for transport, but when I saw different disciplines, I wanted to try them out.

What disciplines do you do now ?
I try to do all of them.I don’t have a favourite, the DH scares me so I am very bad in downhill but I like doing it. I like carving and sliding a lot. DANCING ! Now that I am learning to dance on the longboard, I would like to do other tricks. Skateboard tricks on a longboard. I never did street skating but I like it, and I’m trying to learn some of their tricks on my longboard. I did an old school kickflip in my last video, but I don’t have a tail, so it is difficult !

Maitane Rascón One Foot

What do you ride ?
BUDDYWOOD BOARDS ! Nukuoro,Kiribati, Tuvalu, Manatí and I´m waiting for a new one, for freeriding. The new Buddywoord DH board, doesn’t have a name yet, but I look forward to riding it in about a month.

Do you have any other sponsors?
Agüita Canarias – bikinis, clothes, my latest video is for them.

What plans do you have for next season ?
I don’t make any plans, I just skate ! The skating just happens. I only compete in local competitions in the basque country or nearby. If it’s in Madrid, I have friends there, it’s a great excuse to  visit them.

What was the highlight of your season ?
The road trip with the Longboard Girls Crew. OBVIOUSLY ! I am so grateful that they invited me on the trip. I learnt so much from the other girls.
I had met Jacky, Valeria and Charlie in the other videos (carving the mountains,longboard girls crew) and in Madrid at some competitions.
I met Gador in the Nike roundhouse trip, I was working there and she went to skate ! Coincidence haha.

What did you enjoy most about your roadtrip ?
It is REALLY difficult to say just one thing. The thing that I will carry with me for the rest of my life is meeting such beautiful people on the trip. It was awesome, getting to skate around Spain and visit cities and places that I had never been.

Would you do it again ?
1000 times ! con los ojos cerrados (at the drop of a hat). One million times !!!

Have you kept in touch ?
Yes !! At La Noche En Negro, at the premier of Endless roads. I try to speak with them regularly.

Madrid has the biggest scene for girls in Spain ? What is it like in the North ?
Yes it does obviously, because it is the biggest city in Spain. Barcelona has a really good crew of girls, they are all awesome, I have good friends there ! In the North, I don’t know if they are more girls or less girls, because there is no crew here, but there are girls that compete with me, and there are other girls – we meet in san sebastian. I always skate with boys, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is different and I am happy to. They are awesome, they teach me.

Who inspires you ?
I see a lot of videos on the internet, I watch the movements in the videos and I try it on my longboard. But my group of friends that I skate with, they teach me a lot of things, they teach me the most. They are my biggest inspiration.

Three quick questions !

Goofy !! (finally 1 goofy person)

What do you take with you when you go for a skate
Helmet !! My longboard (of course). My smile !

Would you rather eat yourself out of a house made of cake or drink yourself out of a house made of wine ?
I don’t like wine, so a house made of cake of course ! I prefer eating to drinking.

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