Mallorca Slalom Grand Prix report


Mallorca Slalom Grand Prix. Every word in that sentence sounds pretty good doesn’t it? The radical thing is, the event was even better than promised!

As you all know, Mallorca is a small slice of paradise in the Mediterranean sea, and is probably. Sun, nice slopes and a growing community of really stoked riders makes it one of the best places to have a slalom race. Those riders who only six months ago created the first slalom skateboarding association in Mallorca, the AMSS (Associació Mallorquina Slalom Skateboard), were now organizing the biggest slalom event in Spain and the world, can you believe it?

This entire event couldn’t be done without the help and work of the SSSA (Spanish Slalom Skateboarding Association).
The Grand Prix took place on October 13th and 14th. Dual hybrid on Saturday, giant slalom on Sunday. The event was much more than just skating. The organizers prepared an unforgettable weekend full of endless fun. Let’s start the journey!

Almost 70 riders from every corner of the world (including 16 pro riders and the three times World Champion Joe McLaren) were together on Friday night at Wave House Hotel in Magalluf. It was the meeting point for riders and the place where everything that was not skating happened.

The first night was for meeting, receiving the nice welcome pack, a briefing for Saturday’s race and a nice dinner including the “typical Spanish” paella. There was a great atmosphere among the riders, beers, laughs, and comments about the race. The Spanish gang, of course, were the last to go to bed that night jaja.

It was hard to sleep that night because it rained a lot throughout. The AMSS and SSSA crew were in the spot from dawn trying to find a solution, but it was still raining a lot.
It was expected to stop raining, so the race was delayed until it stopped. Halfway through the morning, rain finally stopped and the plan changed. The race was now to be held in the bikepath as it was a lot easier to dry.

Once the ground was dry, the pro race began. Amazing races!!! Ultra fast guys, and really really tight finishes. Finally was Joe McLaren
the fastest guy, Janis Kuzmins was second and Viking Hadenstrad was third.
After the pros, it was ladies time. Really nice races too. Lynn Kramer took first place, second Lienite Skaraine and third place was  Eva Jedlickova. After the women, rain came back again and the amateur race was suspended. DAMN! After watching the pros, we all were SO stoked!!! It was a real shame. But in Mallorca sadness does not last long. Wave House Hotel and its addictive flow ride were there to help us forget the rain. It was funny as hell hahaha! It is an artificial wave where you must forget everything you know. Nothing compares to it. Not surfing, not snowboarding, not skateboarding. It has its own character. All the riders had one hour on the flow ride with their inscriptions, and everyone who tried it, enjoyed it a lot. Some of the riders demonstrated they are talented on whatever they ride, like Nacho Caribbean and his father, Doc Caribbean, who enjoyed their session like children.

After the fun bath, some beers and a great BBQ, we had a BIG raffle where many riders were lucky and won a prize. Sk8kings boards, Cult wheels, knee pads, T-shirts, and many more stuff (I won a knee pad pack, woooow!).

Some special gifts were given too. Funniest rider, most veteran rider, rider who came from furthest away, etc. It was my birthday, so I was also given a gift. Those Mallorcan guys know how to make me happy and embarrassed at the same time hahaha.

Sunday morning arrived with a little hangover, dry asphalt and a 9% slope. Giant slalom time!!! The pro riders race was simply stunning. Just one word, FAST! Joe McLaren was first, second Janis Kuzmins and third Mr George Pappas. I make a point to say that Mr Pappas is a true slalom Jedi. I absolutely love this guy!

The amateur race was impressive too. We all were anxious to finally be able to ride, and the Spanish gang encouraged each other as children do before going down the ramp. STOKE TIME! Santiago Pérez was the fastest guy, Petr Novotny took second place and the promising young spanish Dany Navarro was third. The Women’s podium was a repeat of Saturday’s qualifyiers, Lynn Kramer first place, second Lienite Skaraine and Eva Jedlickova in third.
Mr Pelle Plast surprised everyone with his next-gen underwear hahaha! (As you can imagine, he won the funniest rider prize).

There was still more good news. We were going to run the amateur hybrid which was suspended on Saturday, FUCK YEAH!!! Nice course and everyone stoked again. Georguy Artemov was first, Santiago Pérez second and Sebastian Vorholter was third.

Finally, the awards and the podium photos. The plane was waiting for us, so we had to leave earlier than we would have liked. The atmosphere and sensations could not have been better. Hugs, kisses, happiness, and the best thing that can happen when an event is over: people already talking about returning next year.

BIG event!!! Great atmosphere, beers, Spanish paella, flow ride, stoke and of course, SLALOM SKATEBOARDING. That was the event for me, and I can say for many others, if not all, too.

I can’t finish my report without giving all my gratitude to all who have been collaborating on this event. SSSA, sponsors, volunteers, and specially to the AMSS crew. My friends and family in Mallorca. They taught me everything I know about skateboarding, and are a bunch of crazy putos I love. Jaime, JuanP, Marc, Rudy, Tato and Toni, you know how to make people happy.

Next year there will be a big slalom event in Mallorca and I will be there, for sure. You shouldn’t miss it!

Photos by Marc Castejon and Jaime Segura.

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