Marie Bougourd: Spoky Woky


3 years after our first interview, we made the mistake of talking to this foul mouthed French stoke monster again. It gets hairy!

Bonjour Spoky, how are you?
Hi, Gbemi, it’s been a while, I’m fine thanks.

Are you alive?
I guess so. Still alive, sorry about that -_- …

I forgive you. Where are you?
Right now I’m in Normandy at my parent’s home.

Back where it started. What are you doing there?
The Eurotour has been over for a while. Instead of going back to America, I decided to stay in France for a bit to be able to work. And yeah everything started here.

Are you still a nurse?
Still got my degree! Haven’t lost it, so I can practice whenever I want to.

What kind of work are you looking for?
For now, I’m pretty much open to everything which doesn’t require having a car to get to work. I’ll do what I find the most convenient regarding the situation.

Aside from nursing, what would you be happiest to get paid to do?
Taking care of kitties, puppies and skate. (and ponies of course).

Still riding horses?
Well, I wish, but I’ve been skating and travelling so much that I couldn’t book any kind of horse back session. It’s still one of my dreams beside skateboarding to leave on a trek with a horse. I’ll do that soon I hope.

It’s been 3 years since our last interview. Can you believe?
Yes, I can believe, bitch! It’s been too long since we talked, you kinda disappeared!

You became a famous pute!
Been around for a while, I bet that some people can’t deal with my face anymore… haha.

Have you achieved your dream of skating outside Europe?
I was actually really thirsty for adventure, discovering new countries and meeting new people. I especially wanted to skate a lot of new roads. Last year was the best opportunity I ever had to realise this dream. I kinda dropped everything to enjoy it. My bank account is crying right now but it was worth it. Though I’m not fed up yet. When you start travelling, you have a few destinations you want to hit up on your way and you want to go everywhere you’ve never been at once. Sometimes you make it happen on purpose, sometimes it surprises you. Sometimes you see a place and you know you will do everything you can to come back.

In 2012, you were sad because you had to pay for ALL your travels. Has this changed?
Yeah in 2013 it was definitely the start of my international race career (if I can call it a career). The sponsors I had before and some new partners been helping me more. Each of them gave a little bit more and that helped a lot, even though I still struggling for everything that I’m doing to be affordable. I admit that my parents have been helping me and when I come back to France, I make sure that I work as much as I can. I just wish that I could focus 100% on longboarding but I still can’t.

Sickboards photo
Sickboards photo

I wish I could focus 100% on longboarding but I still can’t.

Have your parents been present for any of your podium finishes?
My parents have come to support me during a race. My dad and my brother came once for a race in Normandy, at the end of the day, they took photos of the podium, I think it was in 2010. I think it scares my mom too much, otherwise they think it’s my thing, and they don’t have to be there or can’t. When I began, they went to check out a session just to see what kind of community their daughter was involved with.

What setup did you race on in 2013?
In 2013, I still had a Fibretec with Aera trucks and Orangatangs.

How did the season go?
I began with the hardest tour, in America where there was a lot of competition with women. I started very bad at Angies Curves when Elena Corrigal crashed me from behind. I remember grabbing her board and giving it to her and she just took it and ran for the 3rd place of the podium. I was really surprised by the lack of fraternity. But she’s gained her experience through racing as well and changed her goals for the best (follow the adventures of @eecori in Asia).
For the next races, I got into each podium like 2nd or 3rd; then, in Europe, I had one win (
kozakov) and then I hurt my knee very badly, finished the season so-so and ended with a huge sprained ankle which canceled a trip to South-America.

“…at the end of the day, it’s only skateboarding… I don’t see the point in taking big risks over something which does not define my entire life. I do it because I like to race, … and when I win a race I’m happy about it, but what I like …is that I’ve been able to skate with all these ladies in the past years and seen our scene evolve a lot specially on the female side. I feel very honored and lucky about it.

With ugly Aaron. Brad Miller photo
With ugly Aaron. Brad Miller photo

When you crash into someone in a final, what do you do?
I usually try to not crash into people. Never happened to me that I took someone from behind in a race. If it happens, I will just help the person to get back on their board and try not to pass her back. But in race, a lot of people forget that there’re rules. If you take someone out by mistake or because you were too greedy, or practice fair play, you normally don’t get through without consequences but our sanction system can be very negligent and limited (not enough marshals) sometimes or athletes have to complain themselves to demand their rights, sometimes there’s not even a rule to that effect. But, at the end of the day, it’s only skateboarding… everybody acts the way they are and we don’t earn shit by winning to be honest… Being world champion never made anyone rich, it opens other opportunities that you have to work for. People just know you for a few weeks after and then they just forget about it. So, I don’t see the point in taking big risks over something which does not define my entire life. I do it because I like to race, I’m not as competitive as some people, I don’t have this rage inside of me which tells me to beat every single person I’ve got in front of me. Of course I have a lot of fun battling on the road, and when i win a race I’m happy about it, but what I like through all of this is that I’ve been able to skate with all those ladies in the past years and seen our scene evolve a lot specially on the female side. I feel very honored and lucky about it.

“…as a girl, you might get a little prize money. Like $300 for the first place… the most I’ve seen is at Catalina where I was 2nd and won $750 and that money went to my fiancé’s rent because we were in the shit. This money goes very fast, some people think that we’re balling, but it’s paying for bills that we are accumulating all through the year because incomes are not regular and I never know what budget I’m gonna get.

Alex Ulrich photo
Alex Ulrich photo

What’s the real reward?
The real reward. Today, as a girl, you might get a little prize money. Like 300$ for the first place, most part of the time. So 2nd and 3rd are earning like 200 or less. The most I’ve seen is at Catalina where they gave away 1000$ for the first place. I was 2nd and won 750$ and that money went to my fiancé’s rent because we were in the shit. This money goes very fast, some people thinks that we’re balling, but it’s paying for bills that we are accumulating all through the year because incomes are not regularly sent and for myself, I never know what budget I’m gonna get. It’s living day by day for now.  

the reward (of racing around the world) is the experience you get through travels. I feel so lucky to have seen so much, that’s the real reward, having no regrets.

So you have to think that the reward is the experience you get through travels. Today, after many years of longboarding including when I began, I feel so lucky to have seen so much, that’s the real reward, having no regrets.

That’s deep.
Like in your ass?

Miller Division photo
Miller Division photo

-_-. Were you ready for the craziness of North America?
America is not too crazy… it’s like the movies without the drama. It’s just a different scene, new people to meet and they don’t know you. Only few of them travel the world and are interested about the world outside the US, so it’s kinda like starting from 0 again. In France, a lot of people look at me weird because they don’t see me that often anymore and because I’m travelling and have sponsors. In America, everybody acts this way but x50 and even people who don’t have any perspective in racing are even more ponderous and play the game super hard to be famous in their very small community. Also, nothing happens without sponsors. At races over there, everybody is doing something referring to a brand or a specific crew, it’s very commercial but there it’s normal… one of the disadvantages of North America is that there’re almost no freeride events. By freeride, I mean something an event where you practice – no race (but it’s hopefully changing: Burke Mountain Freeride, Giant’s Head, Maryhill Freeride). They don’t have associations like in Europe where people build a community and the benefits goes to it. Americans appear very selfish sometimes around the downhill scene but when you stay more, you find some nice and awesome people to skate with who don’t care about who you’re riding for.

Will you ever change the way you play the game?
I don’t think so. I skate for fun, I know what I’m worth, I will give my best in a race but I’ll always try to stay out of trouble. At the end of the day, my sponsors are partners of the longboard stoke, they don’t want me to get hurt and they don’t pay for health insurance.

Did anything good come out of that first trip?
I realised I was not the fierce person I thought I was. Too much kindness, caring more about not hurting myself or someone else… Longboarding goals can be very different to some people, even to the girls. The good thing is that I know myself better, what I’m capable of… I killed a lot of illusions, like I did when I was in Canada for the first time in 2012. But it gave me the taste of travelling more and purchase the dream that I had to see our female scene growing up so much.

Freddy Miquel photo
Freddy Miquel photo

Are you still kind/caring?
Apparently… Now I just know what other people think and that being so kind to everybody doesn’t pay all the time. Though I created lots of crashes when I started during my practices.

How did you get injured?
i got injured the first time with my knee at Grim mountain. Fell on my own. Then very stupidly for my ankle… a magazine wanted me to jump with my helmet in one hand and my board in the other, my foot landed in a hole, I lost balance, sprained the whole foot and I had a 3 month recovery after this.

Did the injuries have a big impact on your season?
Well, it just stopped my skating until the next one. But since I had what I wanted, I went to South America in 2014 and even more. I went to Porto Rico, to many places in North America. So, when I look back on this little incident, I was really frustrated at the time, it was only a little speed bump and i made it work after with patience and prudence. At the end, the real challenge in a season is to avoid injuries to be able to keep going!

Vasti Visser photo
Vasti Visser photo


Why do you want to travel so much?
I bet that i have the opportunity to do it, some can’t… i’m not a person who’s a traveler mind, i’ve been educated in a small village with no perspective, no specific culture or inspiration, vacations were pretty boring, in France always or at home, wasn’t really open minded, i guess i could have stay there and never evolve but i choose otherwise. I think the landscapes, the nature, the difference of scene makes travels very attractive. You see them on documentary, at the TV when you’re a kid… I actually had no idea that i’ll be able to see the Grand Canyon or admire the crazyness of the clouds falling like waterfalls on Bogota. Even if you don’t know the place where you’re going, be sure there still something to look at which make you feel very far from home. And when i think about all those people who can’t see those things, i think that i have no excuses to not go for it.

Seeing the world doesn’t change you. When you travel, the time is extended, 1 day can feel like 1 week; a month can feel like a year. But when you’re in your routine you don’t see yourself growing. So, you don’t change, you just know yourself better and you look at things in a different way.

How has seeing the world changed Marie?
Seeing the world doesn’t change you. It just makes you miss more things like your family, your cat, your bed, your friends, being alone… You can just tell people to fuck off when you hear prejudice against some countries because you’ve been there… you feel less influenced by the media, or any kind of information against ”foreigners”. Today, coming back to my parents house, I just feel that I’m on the start case once again like nothing changed. For the people staying you can see that they still treat you like a teenager, but in my mind, I think I grew older by more years than I am today. When you travel, the time is extended, 1 day can feel like 1 week; 2 weeks can feel like months, a month can feel like a year. But when you’re home in your routine you don’t see yourself growing up or getting older. I’ve been surprised sometimes to come back and feel like it’s been years that i haven’t seen my parents. But for them it’s different you’re just leaving and coming back, it’s part of their routine. So you don’t change, you just know yourself better and you look at things in a different way.

Richard Gibello photo
Richard Gibello photo

Have you learnt to swear in any new languages?
Of course bitch, what a question.
Lots of them are in English of course, but i can say “puta de su madre”, “chupaqua della” (not sure about the spelling), cunt, assholeprickdickjerkbitchdeepshit. I also say “fucking” all the time, I place it in front of any kind of verb or descriptive word…

HEY PUTE! When are we gonna see you in something like Greener Pastures/OPEN?
Well I’ve never been invited to any of those. We started with some French rider girls a series called French Girls Down The Mountain, an initiative from Pierre Hardiller, a rider who wanted to gather French girls to make a video, just for fun. There are 3 chapters of it, I’m in the first one, not being able to take part in the 2 other ones. Those videos are only about the skating side, no interview and the project is made with a very low budget. But, after the release of the video, we try to find some funds for our media makers, which is not too much. Girls participating pay out of their pocket to come over and stay. The first intention is to show the new generation of French female riders who’re killing it and who I hope will bring and perpetuate another generation of women downhillers.
Gravity Boardshop photo

What is the best surprise you’ve found on your adventures?
I think it doesn’t matter the place where you go, something can surprise you any time, if you move your ass from behind your computer. Near my grandma’s place where I like to stay, there s a forest and it’s the best place to explore. A deer or a sunset blowing the colours of the leaves can have a better effect than taking a flight to the other side of the world and see nothing. Surprises can be everyday. But if you want a particular and surprising thing I’ve been able to live, I woke up to an earthquake in Tarma for the race day. At the beginning, I didn’t know what was going on, I just felt the bed moving back and forth. I woke up saying “Kyle, what the fuck are you doing to the bed?” then it stopped. I lived through my first earth rage experience.

You’ve become a real Spoky Poet. When can we buy your book?
What the fuck. When I go on a TV reality show, I’ll write one then, don’t want to have bad sales.

When did you go to Hot Heels?
I went to Hot Heels South Africa in December, 2014 and it was crazy because it was so sunny and warm and we were in December. I lived a few seasons with different weather than France within a few weeks, that was such a weird experience for my brain.

When will you be back in Africa?
I will go back, I don’t know when! People are great there! We made a lot of friends, I miss them so much. Plus, it’s beautiful there. One of the destinations, I really want to go back! SA is killing every prejudice you can have on Africa, especially Cape Town! I had the feeling of being in the South of France. Only few inequalities still survive there, but it’s changing with the generations post apartheid.

Michael Harrington pic
Michael Harrington pic

How was your 2014 season?
Great! I was working really hard and then I went on the euro-tour, I was out of shape and not practising. I felt very uncomfortable during the tour, and I decided to keep going after the eurotour, then it’s been unstoppable. I’ve got the feeling that 2015 and 2014 season are kinda melting together that I didn’t have a break at all. No off-season. Had South America after a 2 week break back in Europe, then went to South Africa for Plettenberg and Hot heels. Then, 1 month after, I was in Puerto Rico. Only March and April were quiet. Then it was time for another North American tour and I flew to Europe right after Maryhill.

With the disappointments from the year before, what did you aim to achieve last year?
I didn’t feel it like a revenge or anything. I was actually very unprepared and impulsive. I was with Kyle in Colorado, I decided to turn my flight back to Europe into a flight to Columbia. My sponsors were inclined to help a bit, I had few savings, and I decided to say fuck it and go! So Kyle and I jumped into a few different flights the month following to race in South-America. I finally saw Peru! But I really didn’t expect what I discovered there.

What did you discover in Peru?
Not only in Peru. I discovered very poor countries. Very dirty. Where you are the different person there. Everybody looks at you if you’re tall, white with clear hair, it’s crazy for them. Like my American boy says ”we’re like Hollywood for them”. I found out that we were more like wallets full of green bills walking around the streets. Wherever we were going, people were trying to take advantage of us. If you’re a foreigner and not speaking Spanish, you better hang out closely with locals. South America was supposed to be a cheap trip but, in a lot of places people make you pay the tourist tax.

Who is Kyle?
Kyle Wester is my fiancé, he’s from Denver, Colorado, USA. We met for the first time in Calgary in 2012. I don’t remember him from that time but I apparently had a great effect on him. We started knowing each other better in 2013 because he was at the same races as me, then in 2014, we were in love and decided to continue the adventure together! He wasn’t very known in Europe but for the last 3 years, he’s hit the tour and finally got known pretty much all over the world. He loves to travel and is really hungry for discovering. Like a lot of Americans, he’s very adventurous and likes to get everywhere he can. He won Teutonia in 2012, it’s how most the people know him because it was a complete outsider win.  

Pierre Van Der Spuy photo
Pierre Van Der Spuy photo

Do you remember the first time you noticed him?
It was at Maryhill 2013. I remember he stopped at the Orangatang stand to say hi to some people and we were introduced then.

Did he write you any poetry?
No. lol. Poetry is in his eyes everyday.

Woman! you are very good with words, I have taught you well.

I think when you’re travelling with your soulmate some things get different… now I’m always looking after him, we share our ideas about a race track, our thoughts, fears and joy. Now, when I go to an event, it’s not only about me, how I do, how I succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter, it’s about us, together.


Has falling this deep in love had any effect on skating?
I think when you’re travelling with your soulmate some things get different. Being single or not with a boyfriend around, I would just have to take care of myself and not worry about anything else. Now I’m always looking after him, we share our ideas about a race track, our thoughts, fears and joy. Now, when I go to an event, it’s not only about me, how I do, how I succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter, it’s about us together. I don’t like seeing him disappointed or getting hurt, I really do not. And even if we do different results on the course or have different points of view on the course, I’ll always be thinking about both our experiences. I remember in the last Angies Curves, we were on the qualifying day, I was going first and he was right behind me. I had a good run but then I noticed he wasn’t there anymore. I felt like something stabbed me in the belly, I was really scared. Rob McWhinnie stopped to tell me Kyle fell in the fast section. I jumped on the first truck coming up, left all my stuff at the top to run to the ambulance. He had a very bad crash on his head and was confused… he was obviously concussed and it was getting worse. I decided to drive him to the hospital even though he was against it, then I remember Katie Neilson telling me I had a good qualifying time, but nothing mattered, I just decided to leave and spend the afternoon with him at the hospital where he had a complete check-up. At the end, he was out of trouble but I stayed very worried for the rest of the weekend, even though I made 2nd on the podium.

:- (Does your concern for each other mean you don’t skate hard?
I think that when I’m on board, I skate the same. Game in racing didn’t change. Henceforth we’re here to support each other. It sometimes even making us stronger, so far we’ve won 2 of the same races together, in South Africa and Mexico.

Is he goofy too?

Lovers - Brad Miller photo
Lovers – Brad Miller photo

What’s your favourite kind of track to skate together?
It’s hard to skate together lol! We always try but he’s about 1m90 and weighs way more than me, so we have a different approach on a hill. Some curves that I don’t have to break, he would break and get behind, then he would blast me on the next straight like crazy! It’s hard to keep up together on a hill! Especially on a race track, we both try to work on our skills, get better, improve our time. When we’re training we’re shuttling each other, then when other boys come around for session… well boys… the testosterone effect makes them so competitive towards each other so most of the time, he won’t pay too much attention to skating with me on a hill. So far, we had the most runs together at the KNK freeride. First, it’s a freeride so you do whatever you want, chill, go hard… so we were pretty close there for skating. Also Maryhill freeride. We did a crazy run together where he was just pushing me from behind so we could keep up.

So you never hold hands together on the hill?
Sometimes we do but most part of the time he just blast passing me.

Do you like Denver?
Denver is a nice city. The centre with the high buildings is pretty small, like small enough to go around it in an afternoon. Then it’s America, so you have very good food, weather is very nice. The mountains sitting on the west side of the city offer the best view ever every time you go around. Lots of outdoor activities. Denver is a nice place to live and have fun BUT, dude, marijuana is ruining it! Thousands of people are moving every month to this area JUST because of the legalisation. Comparing Amsterdam can suck it. Every street in Denver has a weed dispensary. You’re not going around Denver without noticing a weird smell or a green lighting cross at the corner of the street. I have nothing against weed smokers or the fact it’s legal. It’s really cool actually. People make a lot of money, crime went down like crazy, ghetto ass districts of Denver turned into the hippie-est shit ever where breweries and other hang out trendy areas opened. But this comes at a price. Traffic jams everyday at any time, rent is getting higher and higher (haha) every month, food is horribly expensive, pollution is so hard that the combination of gas in the air and high altitude makes breathing very hard. You want to find a job, be ready to fail, or paid like shit because every single person moving there is ready to take any kind of pay just to smoke legally his joint everyday! Lots of natives begin to be very aggressive towards new arrivals, placing a native sticker on their car or when meeting someone from out of Colorado just ignoring them or worse. It’s the new California there, going there on vacation sounds like a really good idea but the living cost makes it not affordable at all.


Safest city in the world?
I won’t say that much. there would still be a place where you can find bad guys. safest city in the world might be Lillehammer, Norway. Nothing bad can happen to you there except the lake of light during the winter, biggest threat over there

Be surprised that I see more people in France smoking weed than in Colorado. People are just more discreet about it or just don’t make a whole story about it. The constant availability makes people chill about the consumption. Instead of smoking joint after joint they just take their time and smoke when they need to. Nobody’s gonna try to get a single smoke on your joint if you ever consume cannabis this way. You can otherwise eat it, chew it, drink it, suck it which make it less noticeable. I remember we were gathering with some friends for the 4th of July – all Denver natives, smokers occasionally, nothing crazy. Then a guy from Michigan arrived and started rolling a joint, then asked us if we would like to have some. I bet for him it was the biggest kindness ever to share a joint but everybody passed on it… just not interested. Smoking joints is not cool shit any more. It just gets more personal.

What were your favourite moments from racing last year?
I really liked Tarma. Great track. I won as well, I was really happy, we were chewing coca leaves to fight against altitude sickness , locals were crazy around me, asking me to carry their babies, take photos, sign tones of autographs. Pike’s Peak was also a great experience, I went to the top and I cried because it was so beautiful. The track was amazing, I felt like I was in a video game, so much fun, but then we kinda all crashed in the last corner and I lost my board in a little cliff.

What was your first IDF win?
First IDF win… I think it was at Kozakov. Nothing different than an IGSA win lol.

Martin Scharma photo
Martin Scharma photo

How stoked are you about Maga being on the board?
I think it’s great to have a female representative. She’s here to deal with all the males in this very testosterone-ey middle. It’s not easy and it takes time and lot of patience to be understood and respected. It’s the first year that we have a representative so I don’t know if she had projects with IDF, but at least she’s around to be our voice.

What do you hope to achieve this year?
This year I’m more focussed on myself. Kyle and I try to get things done so we can live together. It is our number one goal for the moment, it implicates few sacrifices but it’s for more adventures coming. I will probably not be at Pikes Peak, or my season is probably completely over… Everything depends as well on money!

Where will you live?
For now we think to be based in Denver, will see in the future.

Going back to Europe and discovering so many new girls, or girls are so into kicking my ass. Especially Lyde! I remember the first time I met her… 3 years later, she got the French champion title and even won the Verdiccio race, passing me right before the finish line! Her face was priceless.

Thib la Roulette photo
Thib la Roulette photo

Are you having a fun year?
Yes it’s always fun even when money is running out, we always try to find something fun to do. It’s definitely a year where I learned a lot of things, experienced more stuff, always met new people. I skated in 9 different countries. Had so much fun in KNK in Slovenia, freerides stay the best! Kozakov was as well very fun as always. We even shorted the track for the race day which made it completely different! We took part in a corrida game in Columbia after the race day. Burke mountain was the best tobogan ever! Catalina Island was so dreamy, catching golf carts to get to the top, sick runs with the girls. Going back to Europe and discovering so many new girls, or girls who began in women camps and today are so into kicking my ass. Especially Lyde! She has the rage to get anybody on a race. I remember when the first time I met her she told me: I saw the girls skating in South Africa at Hot Heels, I want to do the same! 3years later, after injuries, she went back, got the French champion title and even won the Verdiccio race, passing me right before the finish line! Her face was priceless. Lots of girls beating me are so proud of themselves, but it’s just how you go when you’re playing the game hard in racing. Henceforth, we are more women having pretensions in racing, new heads are all around, coming out of nowhere you will have girls like Melissa Brogni 16 year old friend of Georgia Botorin, killing it for the first time in Maryhill, winning Teutonia and having a huge game in racing. She wants to eat us alive.

And not mentionning Emily Pross racing every single thing in her life and having the goal to win an Open World Cup race against the boys, she obviously doesn’t give a fuck about the sex difference.

With Emily. Rachel Bagels photo
With Emily. Rachel Bagels photo

Emily is so bossy!
She’s a sweet girl and we became friends, she’s very young as well full of energy and desire to compare herself to the boys.  I guess I was pretty much a tomboy also when I started.

What are you riding right now?
I’m skating a Loaded truncated. Still on Aeras but 46 degrees, then orangatang, I prefer today the purple kegels.

You’ve always liked purple.
Yes, even at the beginning I liked to ride the purple urethane with the In-Heats. Then i skated with the orange. But the purp;e Kegels are good for everything. Using only orange for a grippy style, I’m not used to their huge technicality yet, it takes some time to get used to it if you do pre-drifts.

Missing your flying pan?
At first yes… the flying pan was comfy but I felt all right on my truncated, I knew the mould was better but I figured out that the loaded had a little flex that I wasn’t used to with the Fibretec. Some South African buddies from Board Yard had the awesome idea to plaster a huge piece of carbon on the top. They as well re-chopped it with the cut of the Kyle Wester pro model haha. That was funny. Now then Loaded is building tesseracts with carbon for a better race profile. But I still think that Fibretec is one of the best longboard factory for downhill skateboarding, even other pros like to get one of those in their collection because they just look great.
His and hers

You and SMB have come a long way!
Effectively SMB is my first sponsor so far. I remember that I owe it to one of my old friends. We built a team named Team For Ride aiming to look for sponsorship to go racing. First common sponsor he found was this bearing company in the UK. We were really excited to have a European company as first sponsor and they are really enthusiastic about skateboarding. They’re more directed to industrial purpose but they cover a lot of hobbies like fishing, remote controlled car and other stuff like this. They’re not very known around longboarding but they do affordable bearings and they’re good!

Still with CDK?
I left CDK for Sick in 2013. They were super helpful but at this time Sick was ready to pay off all the 2013 season, what they did. I still miss Lyon and the good vibe I had with the community there. Lots of new faces now, I pretty much feel like a stranger, but if I go to CDK to say hi, it will still be okay, some people can make the difference between friendship and the world of the industry. Though I’m happy to see that it’s been the occasion for them to help younger people like Lyde Begue, Yanis Markarian and other locals.

When will we see a SICK team edit?
Ha… Well, we tried to do some footage with Yvon Labarthe at some events. It’s hard to get footage of everybody and I think sickboards is more focused on their move to a new location in Den Haag. That was their main goal for this year. But they’re still supportive of their team and the European events.

Guillaume Bois photo
Guillaume Bois photo

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Make money and get sorted with all the papers so Kyle and I can live together other great adventures around longboarding.

What do you do when you’re not skating?
I’m talking to the guy from All Around skate, he’s funny you should meet him.

Who should we interview next?
I think you should interview Cam Deegan. Because. That’s it. Voila. And Kyle because he’s the best.


Because Cam has herpes?
We’re not that intimate, why don’t you ask Deen Mondt about it?

See you next year?
I’ll be still around lol not gonna get rid of me so easy. sorry.

Pute! It was very nice to do this with you, even though you eat frog’s legs & eyeballs.
When you have kids, please name them after me

Any last words?
Bitch. and Rectum because you asked plural.


@smellywoky and @gbemicreamyface

Charo de Leon photo
Charo de Leon photo

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