Max Muerling’s 2013 Adventures


We caught up with our stokeholm buddy Max after his summer of racing and he told us about his 2nd tour of North America, blueberry pancakes and Team Blowing it!
Hey bro, how is your week going?
Good, I just started school. It’s my last year now so pretty stoked.

What’s happening after?
I don’t really know, time will tell.


What did you get up to for the rest of last year? 
I had just changed to Rayne last time we spoke, so now I’ve been riding for Rayne for a year now. I went to Malaga with the Lifeonaboard team for a week of mad skating and studied for the rest of the year. I didn’t skate during the winter because of all the snow so I went skiing in the Alps. Basically just cruised around and didn’t do much except wait for all the snow to disappear so we could skate again.

How was Malaga? 
It was amazing! Went there with Mauritz Armfeldt, Elis Kalmér, Petter Hagman, Alexander Ellhage, Arvid Sahlin, Alexander Lundgren and Albin Ekbäck!

Any rad locals?
Unfortunately not. Would have been fun tho!

Will you guys be doing a winter trip this year?
Hopefully! If there is time, I’m sure we’ll go!

When did you resume skateboarding after winter?
I started skating directly when the streets were clear and the weather allowed us here in Stockholm. and the first event here was hosted by a crew called GoFresh, they hosted a great slide jam!

What events did you hit up this year?
I went to Maryhill, Whistler, Kozakov, Grim Mountain, Peyragudes and Taberg Downhill Challenge!
Malaga - Albin photo

That’s a big slice of North America!
Haha, yeah! Had an amazing trip with the Rayne team.

How was your second time on Mary?
It was great! I flew to Vancouver and met up Rayne and from there we drove down to Maryhill. Weather was great! A bit too warm during race-to-qualify day; 45°c!

Did you do better than last year?
Yes! Qualified in 55th with time trial. Then it was race-to-qualify for everyone under top 48. So they made 2 96-man brackets, and I got to the finals in race to qualify. My first “real” heat was against Jonas Richter, Jacko GnarSteeze, Pablo Quiles, Jackson Wells and one random guy (sorry for not remembering your name).
That heat was so intense, everyone was battling to be in the front. Jonas had the lead almost the whole way down and the rest of us had this crazy draft train all way down. Unfortunately Jacko and Pablo crashed in the super last corner. Second heat was with Jonas, Jackson, Spencer Smith, Roberto Cobian and one more random. Everyone crashed except Jonas and Roberto, finished 4th behind Spencer that heat.
Andy Russell photo

What was the highlight of the week?
Phone is for you… (Drinking game).

First time in Vancouver?
Yeah! I wanna go back there so bad! Had a great time, stayed at Papa Les’ house with Levi Green, Deen Mondt, Kevin Bouaich and Roberto Cobian senior and junior, Adian Lynds and Ian Russell.

Did the community feel similar to Stokeholm?
Pretty much yeah! like any other skate community I guess!

Seems like a lot of Europeans were out there this time.
Yeah, it was awesome!

Do you guys have a name for the RaynEuro Gang?
The RaynEuro… I don’t know really, Team Blowing it?

How was Whistler?
It was fun in one way but horrible in another…

What made it fun?
The event was fun! The track was super sketchy, super rough pavement so it was hard to stay on your board. But what made it fun was just all the stoked people.

Are you still racing junior?
Not with IDF rules… (sucks).

You, Pjax and a bunch of others have now graduated to open, is there a new gang on fast Swedish groms coming up?
Oh yes! We have Esaja Ekman, took second place in Juniors at Kozakov, Jakob Eriksson, Isac Printz. All the groms are so good at freeriding!

Esaja is huge, Jakob is even bigger. How can they be groms?
Well, this was Esaja’s last year as junior.  I think Jakob has one more year. But yeah,  they are both awesome skaters!
Malaga - Albin photo

How did the North American experience prepare you for the Euro tour?
Prepared me with fun skating with lots of different people with different styles of skating.

Has your style changed?
Hmm… don’t know.

Was the tour different this year?
This year, I had the Rayne team to hang out with and they helped me travel between Vancouver, Maryhill and whistler + tons of fun when not skating. The Rayne family is great!

What setups have you been riding this season?
Too many! Tried Vandal, Killswitch, Fortune, Sym. Avenger, Avenger, Amazon and Piranha! PNL trucks, Aeras and Otangs!

Did the Eurotour feel different this summer?
Last year I only went to Kozakov on the eurotour, so I can’t really compare 1 week of skating with 4 weeks.

Who did you tour with?
I did the EUnatural tour with a lot of people. It started off with plans for only Kozakov and Peyragudes. So I flew down to Prauge with Esaja and met with Albin Larsson at the airport. Our journey to Kozakov was fun. It was pretty hard to tell the taxi driver where to go. Anyways, after Kozakov Erik Lundberg said he had a spot in the White Liner (His awesome car) and he might go to Peyragudes. So I joined him for his trip and we travelled from Kozakov to Grim Mountain and from there to Peyragudes with a lot of freerides.

What did you expect from Kozakov this year?
Great party, great racing, rain and blueberry pancakes!

How did it go down?
Party was awesome as always at Kozakov. Super intense racing, met Zen Shikaze and Rob McWhinnie in my first heat. Only a couple of raindrops and lots of blueberry pancakes!

What was the toughest heat this season?
Quarter finals at Grim against Kyle Martin, Kyle Wester and Billy Bones.

How was GRIM?
Super fun! We had 27 runs in one day! Track was great because you could take pack runs with 12 people at the same time! Unfortunately there were some locals who stole stuff from riders tents.

What did you lose?
They didn’t steal anything from me.

Was Peyragudes better this year?
I wasn’t there last year, but the pavement wasn’t that good in the top part.

How did you do in the race?
Qualified in 42nd place, met Erik Lundberg and Danky Dean in my first heat, crashed in first corner all by myself.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Just gonna take it easy, focus on school and work I guess. Super boring I know… but you need to save all the stoke for the next season!

What do you do for work?
Work as a barista at a Café and as a climbing instructor.

Are you gonna be another skateboarding engineer?
I don’t know, probably not. Before I have to decide, I will travel a lot, go for a ski season and more skate trips as well!

Pick 3 numbers!
182, 4, 20

182 – What’s your strangest habit?
Eating caramel sauce sometimes.

4 – Who is your favourite skater?
Sean Malto.

20- If every job paid the same amount, what would you do?
Open a bar or something like that on the beach somewhere in the world.

It’s been great to catch up. Shame we didn’t get to see this year, but hopefully next year!
Yeah it was awesome! You have to join us again for the gathering next year!

Any thank yous?
Thanks to Papa Les, Rayne, Otang, Life on a Board, Vicious, family, friends, and all stoked skaters!


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