Moosehunt lvl 2 report


Last years Moose Hunt went better than we hoped for, it was the first downhill competition Life On A Board arranged. The big indication of last year’s success came when we opened registration for this year. Baaaam!!! The limit of 80 riders was reached within 1,5 hours. We decided to change it to 100 and after a week it was increased to 120. We were very happy to see all the cool riders that were coming to have a good time on the hill.


Last year we had 65 riders so we had to prepare to handle the big increase. We had to make sure that everybody got to ride just as much even with the greater number of riders. It was time to go up to the next gear – level 2.

The amazing people we have around us make it a pleasure to work hard. Everybody joined to load hay bales and to look over the hill with a smile and good energy. In Sweden, you wait all year to catch the sunny days, guess what weather we had for the days of hay loading? Killer sun! Everybody fought not to scratch themselves to death because of the combination of sweat, sun and dust from the hay. But as always we had a great time together.
Thanks to Petter Hagman, Alexander Ellhage, Arvid Sahlin, Johan Frii, Mattias Karlberg, Per Larsson, Albin Larsson. Also Jesper Broberg and Gustav Welding for the work after the competition. All this was heavy duty!

The hostel we rented had a limit of around 60 beds, so this year we also had to camp outside. A big truck was borrowed from Ekdahls Åkeri in Vara. Food was ordered and people we needed to help with organizing were contacted.

Everything was running smooth and the competition was soon upon us.
Friday morning and MOOSE HUNT LEVEL 2 started with good vibes and nice weather. We gathered everybody outside the hostel for a riders meeting at 9am.

Whoa! A lot of riders came! Actually I didn’t recognize all of them, the scene is getting bigger. Just seeing that gave me new energy that really was needed after all preparations.

When I looked over the crowd and asked the riders to raise their hands so I could see which were racing for their first time – there were so many! I also spotted a lot of very experienced riders. Actually two former world champions stood there in the crowd. Fredrik “Spiken” Lindström and Erik “Snaken” Lundberg.

We made it clear to everybody that we created this competition to gather as many riders as possible to have a FUN time together. NOT to see who is the best most kick-ass rider in the world. Of course everybody can bring their fighting mode during the competition but between the races it is important to help each other have a good time.

I must say that over the weekend we got to witness some of the best riding ever, especially when everybody had got the feel for the hill. Maybe because of that they where having fun!?

Before lunch on Saturday a nice bunch of freerides was made. During our lunch on the lawn in the warm sun, you could tell that the nervousness was gone.

After lunch we had 2 freerides and then time trials. The best time since last year was lowered by 2 seconds but most impressive was to see how much the riding in total had developed within a year.

Saturday evening means hang out! And man, what a good evening. Everybody got together and the atmosphere was awesome!

On Sunday Morning as always we were not as many riders as the day before at the riders meeting. But on the second freeride the full amount was loaded in to the truck again. Somebody needs a little bit extra beauty sleep. Before lunch we had a separate Junior bracket. These juniors rode the shit out of the hill.

After lunch we had one freeride and the the 64 bracket began. This year we had one extra feature. The Moose Hunt position. That meant that we had 5 riders in each heat. Just so that as many riders as possible got to skate. The fifth one started behind the other four and in some heats that rider really got some hunting luck. It is a quite narrow start in that hill so some crashed out in the first turn.

Then it was time for a final for the women. This year we had 6 women competing! That also was an increase from last year and we are very happy about that. The women delivered really good riding so the final was really exciting to see. Hope to see even more women next year.

This year included:

Kari HavnevikKristina EngstrandAnna RichardssonSara Persson,Caroline BoströmCherrie Morris

Open Final was next and on the start line we had:

Adam Persson,Erik LundbergFredrik LindströmKim Anderssen

That heat was loaded with skills and no one could tell how it was gonna end. The excitement in the 180° right turn where all spectators were gathered was big. First to enter the turn was Erik Lundberg and he also finished first. A really tight heat and everybody in the turn cheered more than ever.

The heat was completed in this order.

1. Erik Lundberg
2. Adam Persson
3. Kim Anderssen
4. Fredrik Lindström

And the other classes:


1. Kristina Engstrand
2. Kari Havnevik
3. Caroline Boström
4. Sara Persson
5. Anna Richardsson
6. Cheri Morris DNS


1. Pär Pjäx Christner
2. Lamin Cassama
3. Albin Niva Printz
4. Benjamin Tillius

This years Moose hunt was over and it was one of our best weekends this year. Fact! Felt so good that everything had been run smoothly and that no bigger injuries happened. Really boring to separate from everybody though.

At the prize giving ceremony we had 2 extra prizes:

For growth/development – Caroline Boström
Keep it up girl! You are killing it.

This years hay eater – Anton Andersson
Just keep your mouth closed and you will conquer those bales!

Really want to thank everybody for coming and for bringing all the energy and happy faces. This is what keeps us coming up with events. We are so proud about the scene here in Sweden and look forward to see it continue to grow.

BIG thanks to my partner in crime Albin Larsson, we made it happen bro, ha ha ha!

Thanks to our partners for support!

Orangatang Wheels

Loaded Boards

Rayne Longboards

Caliber Trucks


Brd Skateboards


Hope to see you all next year!

Albin Ekbäck

All photos by Tanya Raab