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Last weekend Cactus Distribution and ”Espinho Skate Club” joined forces and organized the first Gravity Sports Festival in Portugal: Newton’s Force Festival.

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The event lasted two days , and took place in the lovely Minhoteira Forrest area located between two villages in Oliveira de Azemeis. The three different tracks, which end over a small bridge, offered a great experience and a wide range of activities for all Gravity sports and riders; longboard, Drift trike, street luge and gravity bike. Along with the runs down the various tracks there were also activities such as downhill workshops for beginners, slide jam, night cruising, barbecues, concerts and a lot of partying!!

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The organizers wanted to be able to make this event appealing to everyone who loves gravity sports, regardless of each one’s experience level. With this in mind the objective was simple ‘get as many riders as possible to participate! With a low budget, and charging even lower entry fee’s, they set out to make an event that would be safe and memorable for years to come. Along with providing safety barriers on all the key points of the tracks riders were also offered lunch meals, camping facilities and an array of prizes that were raffled off at the end of the event, of which over 60 % of riders got prizes.

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” We’re receiving a lot of positive feedback, and have had the privileged of having some riders say it was the best event they have been to” (Simão Soares, organizer, founder Skate Clube de Espinho).

”The longboarding community in Portugal is growing bigger by the day, and showing what Portugal has to offer, in terms of riders, events and hills. We’re beginning to be able to show that longboarding here is on a par with the best of Europe, and look forward to having Portugal be more active on the European longboarding scene.” (João Pinto, organizer, Founder and owner Cactus Dist)

”This event wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless organizational skills and commitment by João Pinto and Simão Soares. João over the past year has built up his company, Cactus Distribution, repping such brands as Lush Longboards, Sabre trucks, Cult Wheels and Olson & Hekmati, among others, and has been a driving force like no other that I have seen in the national longboarding community. Simao is a local longboarder and founder of ‘Skate Clube de Espinho’ a local skate school in partnership with the town council to teach kids to skate offering them free activities now for over 4 years. Simao currently lives in the UK, and made it over to Portugal to organize this event, his commitment to longboarding and our community is ever lasting and highly respected by all. A big thanks to my two bros, and hope there can be a repeat of this next year.” (Eduardo ‘Eko’ Guimarães)
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See you next year!!!!

Article By: Miku Cardoso, with colaboration of Eduardo “Eko” Guimarães , João Pintoe Simão Soares

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