Norwegian Longboard awards 2013


A few words from the Norwegian Longboard awards we held last weekend.

It was a reason to meet up and party since the snow is keeping us of the streets. Some guys organised it in 2011, but as they couldn’t do it in 2012, we did. We being me and Mikkel Are Olsenlund. We are TMI (Team Milf Industries) together with our lead engineer Fridtjof Schei.
 The event was held at a place callde Verkstedet (The Workshop), we had between 80 and a 100 people. We were lucky to get some stuff for prizes from Sector 9, Kari, Traa and DEYS. We also got some awesome beer mugs for some of the awards, engraved of course. You can see them in some of the pictures.

We had a great night and a lot of beer was consumed. TMI work with RedBull on our events, so there was a rebuilt LR Defender with music outside for smokers and people who wanted some fresh air.

We started this year with a party and announced that we will be hosting more competitions this year, a total of 4 (1 IDF in Oslo, 1 awesome and fun event in Beitostølen 9-10th of August, 1 DH comp in Oslo around the end of August/start of September and a small boarder cross in Oslo at the end of summer).
The awards and winners were:
Junior: Caspar Grette
Newcomer: Roar Fønseth
Event: Extremesports Week in Voss by Adrian Paulsen and Bjørg Kristine Jensen.
Enthusiast: Cedric Cornell
Team: uGGabuGGa from Drammen
Longboardess: Kristina Engstrand
Footbraker of the year: Torbjørn “TB” Sunde
Honorary award: Jørgen Egeland
Norwegian Cup:
1. Trygve Flebu Jørunland
2. Alex Hørthe
3. Adrian Jancey
1. Kari Havnevik
2. Kristina Engstrand
Divine Freeride Cup winner: Kim André Hansen

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