Padova Grand Prix report


The latest part of Marie’s summer tour series follows her journey from Kozakov trough epic Swiss Mountains to the Padova Grand Prix in Teolo, Italy.

After Kozakov, we arrived in Italy with the French guys I was tripping with Philippe Dupuy, Christophe Gatignon and Vincent Jordanna. First, we stoped at the “military spot”. A really nice place to freeride with your friends.

16 hairpins, slidy asphalt and a super nice place to chill. This is the second year we visited the military district, which is now abandoned and is freaky and super cold.

The day after, Swiss guys from Geneva Longboarding Crew joined us. Riding this spot with 10 people is awesome! And in the evening some of the Spanish delegation arrived at the spot: Michael Echegaray, Sonsoles Masia Sanchez etc.

On the third day, we found the motivation to leave this wonderful place for Padova. Arriving at the spot, the temperature was around the 35°C! The spot was the same as last year, fast at the beginning and after the second break you can’t go over the 30 km/h! It’s why we called it the “push”, “slalom” or “pumping” race. So I used my softer wheels and bushings to stop myself from sliding too much in those little corners.

On the 1st day, we did a nice freeride morning and in the afternoon we did our first timed qualifiers. Rebekka Gemperle did the first time of the girls and broke the women’s track record. I did the second time followed by Jolanda Vogler, Marisa Nunez and Tamara Prader. We could count 7 other women for this second leg of the euro series: Roosa, Barbara, Daniela, Lenka Salakova, Ann Kristi  and Sonso Masia. On the second day of qualis only Jolanda improved her time and that brought her the new women’s track record. For the men, Mister Konighausen kept his place of best time on this race. We finished this day by the repechage runs.

Race Day, the weather wasn’t getting cold , it was around 38°C before the final heats. We did 3 runs for the final heats. The first run was a warm up run for me with Lenka. At the second the pressure began to come up with Bekks but she fell at the first corner and Lenka took the second place to arrive in the final heats with Tamara, Jolanda and myself.

For this heat, I was the first at the push, Jolanda and Tamara were close behind me. They took me before the first break and we passed the corner really close to each other. Tamara fell just behind me, I only had to try to take Jolanda but she had really perfect lines and I was not able to passe her during the rest of the track.

For the men, James Kelly won the final heat followed by Luke Melo and Douglas Dalua.

As happens each year, the podium took place at the bottom with a long ceremony.

I packed my stuff early to leave the place as fast I could because a long road lay ahead leading to Slovenia where the Longboard Women Camp was going to begin.

Photos by Marie. Marta & Aleix

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