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We’re pretty sure that you are all aware of the fact that Perropro is one of the best longboard videoproducers of our continent… weren’t you? For the newcomers, Alberto Alepuz is a kick-ass video producer. The guy never sleeps as he’s 24 hours a day shooting and when he gets tired, he rests while editing.

Jokes aside, what is actually true is that he has been busy filming this summer and we’re now starting to see his work. And we like it!

Tease That Dog Tour Teaser recaps the roadtrip in which Alberto Alepuz, Maryele, Toti, Bruno, Jota, Angle and Tasio where involved. Fun, laughs and a lot of good shredding is what it is about!

On the other hand, we got Longboarding Big and Fast starring Álvaro Bajo and Pablo Quiles, two tallented downhill-freeride riders of the Spanish scene!

We hope that you guys like these videos and that you stand-up , grab your helmet and get the fuck out for a skate. Now.

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