The PRGLNG slide jam was held in Prague, Czech Republic. It was organized by PRGLNG which is a group of 10 longboarders from Prague. Jakub Jelínek, Lev Seidl, Dan Vaculík, Tadeáš Hruška Prokop Daniel, Ondra Melichárek, Adam Suchomel, Dan Buchta, Lumír Hovančík and Vítek Starý.

We created this event because we wanted to unite longboarders from all over Czech and push everyone to show their crazy skills. We didn’t expect much from it, but in the end we had around 80 riders from 4 countries (Czech, Slovakia, Switzerland and South Africa). Our special guests from Switzerland was Yvon Labarthe and from South Africa it was Ricky Gibello.

We created 3 categories: under 15 boys, girls and a male category. We also had contests for a longest slide, hippie jump, best trick on a mini ramp and best slide. It was a great day with a lot of fun and full of shredding. We will do another slide jam in Spring so, if you wanna skate with unbelievable group of people, Join us!

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