Ramberget Never Dies freeride report

Winter Freeride: Ramberget Never Dies was not just an ordinary event, unlike everything else, this does not die (except Peyragudes and Jesus).
About three weeks ago, a bunch of Vikings gathered somewhere in the cold and empty forests of Sweden to decide their next victim. After days of drinking mead and chewing toadstools, they finally agreed that the next target to be shredded would be Ramberget.
The skaters in Gothenburg thought there should be more events in the winter, they turned thoughts into actions and started arranging the event. Our local skate shops JSM longboards and Slipstream longboards cooperated and took the responsibility to make it. The plan was for a Freeride/slidejam event with the basic idea that everyone, no matter how good you are at skating, is gonna have a blast. Less focus on who wins and more focus on just skating and having fun. This resulted in a very relaxed and chill atmosphere during the event.
As before every event here in Sweden, the expectations were high and the stoke was great! The weather report predicted rain and more rain, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many, especially the locals here, like the course much more when it’s wet. It becomes much more challenging and sketchy and also very entertaining to watch. There was plenty of bails and nice crashes, luckily no serious injuries. Except for Schadenfreude, there was a shitload of elegance and steeze. Vikings in Sweden easily have the best steeze. Maybe it’s because of the toadstools, or all the hot Swedish girls watching.
Alongside the freeride there was a slide jam, here we got to see the best people had to show, while expressing themselves.The task was to do something that had never been done before on the hill. Many creative and crazy tricks were seen, the judges had a really hard time trying to pick out some winners. But I definitively had two favorites. First off; The Birdman Slide by Robin. So basically, he goes as fast as he can, then he does a standup slide, and in the middle of the standup he intentionally tries to make it look like he highsides but what he really tries to do is fly away somewhere. It did not go too well but he actually flew a couple of decimeters.
Second off; The Stokeholmers two man slide. This is thinking outside the box and taking it to the next level. Adam and Jakob found a super long (long)board and realized both of them fit standing on it. They got the wicked idea to do two-man slide. After many failures, they succeeded doing the impossible; sliding a board with two people on it. Such viking hearts, what bravery and brotherhood. To completely put your life in your mates hands.
After the freeride and slidejam there was a little downhill competition. This was very interesting, because it was not like any downhill race. We started twenty meters away from the boards, and you’re supposed to run and grab any board except your own and then just ride down the hill and win.
This went much better than expected and it was a lot of fun, either the board you got had super loose trucks and peopled wobbled as shit or it was tightened like shit and they couldn’t turn at all. Winner of this race was Mr. Pjäx.
I remember when Pjäx got his prize for longest standup, a set of wheels. He threw them out and some dude called fryman catches them and cheers a bit for himself. But then he remembered he had wheel sponsors and can’t ride the cults so he gathered the disappointing herd of vikings again and throws them again.
I really enjoyed this event because it felt really chill, well-organized and full of happy skaters. I’ve heard no complains so far and assume everyone had an awesome day.
Big thanks to Zippo, Jairo, Ola, Daniel and all the volunteers for this event!
SPONSORS of the event: JSMlongboards, Slipstreamlongboards, aurorathane, cult wheels, Kamikazeboards, Kebbekskateboards, Lush longboards, Fullbag.
Big thanks to the talented Tanya Raab for the gnar photos

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