Ravenhill 7 preview


Ravenhill is back for the 7th time next weekend. It’s quite unique as it is very close to a city (Gothenburg, Sweden). The track is great, about 1 km long with two gnarly hairpins and a couple of sweepers with a top speed of 65 km/h. Last year it rained but it was still a super fun time. Adam, Matt and Klaess shared the podium positions between them.

11606_433107236779326_1326683893_nAs the first race of the year, many of the Swedish and visiting Norwegians will be looking to start the season with a bang. The reigning champ, just back from a very successful tour of Canada will be a very strong contender for the top spot. But watch out for the usuals to make it interesting. There are some new girls on the scene riding for Sublime, expect them to challenge veteran Norwegian lady champ Kari for podium spots. Juniors, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for Stokeholm’s Isac and steezy Elias.
Rain or shine, if you’re in Norway/Sweden/Earth, you should get your ass there.


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