Salsito House: March, April report.


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In the last 2 months, there have been lots of movement, tons of wheels have burned and we felt speed in our veins. The weather was good and Salsitos were ready to receive visitors.

First La Banda Crew arrived (Max, JR, ProTato, Tyler) for the whole weekend. The guys were riding really close and the Salsitos joined the pack run. Some safety meetings on the road with delightful orange trees. No injuries were suffered and we got home in one piece. Check out the video edit by Tato.

Ding Dong! The Opiate Van is here! Agro and the new rider arrived to test some boards in Gnarlicante. Two weeks of fun riding! Sticking to the plan was not as important as enjoying concrete, good times and Opiate ducks.

When Agro and Guancha left the house, we decided to move around. Pablo and I went to Barcelona to see good friends. Skating around the city with Aleix Gallimo was perfect. We enjoyed our time but were aware that the RISCH guys were coming soon.
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Photo: Pablo Quiles

Stephan Risch, Bekks, Sebastian Hertler, Alexander Dietrich and Alex Dehmel all came to Salsito. We had one week to ride together, a big Van and some classic helmets. Burning fuel and waking up early to skate as much as possible. Perfect week.


I’ve been skateboarding since 1973 and doing downhill skateboarding since 2000. I was really nervous coming to Alicante. I’m always looking for new spots and I’ve been travelling over the years so I thought I have seen great spots! Arrived at David and Pablo’s place to a really warm and friendly welcome. All I can say after one week of skating so many places and only skating 50% of the spots, I can say it was my best skate trip ever. You have the downhill paradise on this planet, having hills up to 20% steepness in endless variations, all the ghost town places and the back country with wonderful vegetation. I will have to come back! I wish you all the best with the Salsito House in the future and really can’t wait to come back, regards Stephan.

So, home is full. Kevin Bouaich and Nicolas Robert arrived in Alicante. We met and took them straight to Salzadella Freeride. It was a rainy one so we didn’t have too many runs, but the ones we had were as wet as it gets. Then back to Salsito with the Frenchies. Finally March is gone and April stars with the guys from Sick skating around, a short visit from our beloved friend Alberto Alepuz (footage coming soon) and also Guancha officially moving into the Salsito House. Check out this video from Alberto Alepuz Perropro APPROVED

Frenchies in da Jaus – PERROPRO APPROVED from Salsito House on Vimeo.

More visitors around the corner. Max Muerling and Anders Inde from Sweden came to Alicante last month. Full days of skating until Pablo came home. Local spots, some fresh liquids and tons of beers with the guys to appease that heat. Two days before Swedish guys left, Cristina Mandarina came to skate before the TITAWEEKEND freeride. Mix runs between Max and Cristina was the best we saw.

cris y max.jpg

So. Here we go! All the Team went to the Freeride to meet our all friends. Two days of camping area and laughter everywhere. The track was easy but the Party was INSANE. Dj Blacksel made everybody jump. We were hungover till the second day freeride, so a good breakfast was the priority. It was important for us to meet some new guys in the Spanish Longboard Community. They are growing up fast! Say thanks to the organization!
Video edited by Axel Serrat:

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Photo: AGRO

Back to home with awards! Haha YES!!! Best girl GUANXA and best frontside slide to psycho QUILES. Also we found Claudio, a new Salsito friend.
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Photo: Salsito House

Right now Salsito is empty just I (Butti) and Guanxa. She just arrived from Barcelona with all her crew. ( L´HORTA SUD).

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Guanxa touching boss balls in Barcelona

Photo: Axel Serrat

Stay tuned! Some shit is coming this month. Some visitors coming and also we are travelling to a Freeride in the north of Spain ” O´INFIERNO”. It´s gonna be a BLAST!

Written: David Ivars Butti.

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