Salsito House: May Report


Welcome to June! Last month was chill because there wasn’t too much money in our pockets! We had the usual local runs and freeride sessions.

In the second week our perennial visitor and family member: Kevin Bouaich came to Alicante again. He was with us (Butti, Toti, Guanxa) for 15 days . For the first week, we skated around the area, checked all his favourite spots and had some safety meetings at the mountain (very important). I was really excited to have Kevin back. Good vibes made a journey of 1042km getting to the other side of the country fun.

Pic by @buttifong

One the pre-trip plans were done, we had a car full of the Salsito crew ready to go to Madrid! First stop was the freeride O´infierno. We stayed in Toti´s house, near the center, tourists and homies made for a very fun mix. It was great to see Tana, Mogly and all the Moyano crew. The next day we all shouted ”Good morning Kevin!!! Happy Birthday!!!!”. It was great to celebrate his special day on this adventure.

Pic by @buttifong

Kevin Bouaich: Salsito is the shit, the best place to live the skatelife for a few days.

Two days later we were on the way to Vigo (Galicia) North-West of the country. We arrived at the camping area early. Some food and beer was priority, Kevin and I (Butti) didn’t know have any bed to sleep in the tent; the result was 12€, cheaper, imagine!

We decided to give a chance to other friends riders, so Palaxa Acha makes the report of the Freeride.

Freeride O´infierno by Paloma Acha

“A couple of weeks ago, the second edition of O’Inferno’s Freeride took place in the north-east region of Spain. More specifically, in Vigo (Galicia).
As David Ivars Butti already mentioned, it was a complete blast of an event.

This green paradise, surrounded by forest and fluorescent hidden lakes, harboured a super technical 2.5 km track had 21 curves – a couple of sloppy chicanes & hairpins, as well as some tricky straights- with a 74 km/h top speed. All that, under the supervision of 10 course-marshals and 12 walkie-talkies.

An increased number of registrations from the past edition, we had over 80 riders this time around.

This acclaimed meeting of passionate skaters from every corner of the peninsula, who made a quite long road trip, were also fearing the weather forecast for such a strict circuit. However, the rain didn’t make its appearance and a radiant sun accompanied the weekend all along.
We could appreciate that the winter conditions of the area had deteriorated the pavement and we had to deal with our best selection of wheels in order to lose the exact grip on slides and still keeping some of it to corner at speed. Most of the riders agreed that an 78/80a hardness was the perfect setup for some good runs.

A 2-day-downhill session was ahead of us. Loads of energy was required to handle so many runs in a day. Sometimes, to “slide out” of a corner was necessary to get some response from your legs in order to keep going. Everybody overcame the weekend perfectly but no one escaped from caressing the asphalt with their own style, in order to avoid a catastrophe.
Stylish slides everywhere, uninterrupted number of passes, and full grip riding characterized this event.

The organization itself was impressive. A super attentive treatment and exceptional coordination. Lunch was included both days and a surprising invitation to dinner as well. They prepared a huge bonfire in the soccer field where we were camping. Some beers accompanied the barbecue and the laughs after a super shower that left us good as new.

A super circle of friends was made around the fire, where jokes, massages, continuous stretchings and crazy rounds of skaters trying out the trikes, crowned the night. Some others went to their tents pretty early, looking for their partners’ heat so as to get some warm sleep and get ready for the next day.

Last day’s culmination was at lunch time. Resting at an idyllic spot next to a crystal clear lake, a fresh natural fountain, pines & brushwood all around, and the constant sound of the frogs enclosed the perfect downhill environment. The organization prepared a raffle of skateboarding material where t-shirts, hoodies, bags and loads of wheel sets were given away to most of the participants. On the other hand, the funniest prize was headed by Miller Division who decided to award with a Baby Miller board to the chosen rider who dared to go downhill the full truck, riding that mini board. No matter how many times the rider falls or how long it takes him as long as he gets to the end. The winner Javier Velasco accepted the challenge and Mikel Echegaray got the proof while filming him all the way down. With a small piece of griptape he placed strategically on it, he beat the record with the longest footbreak distance ever seen. We’re super proud of him!

We want to encourage you to join our experience next year. You won’t regret it! This event has become another “must” in our national list of freeride events. If you are an urethane addict and a speed seeker, you must consider it. Take care. Ride hard, ride safe.”

Paloma Acha


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