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I hope you have as much fun reading this as we did making it. 2 bros, 1 interview. We talk about everything they’ve ever done in their skating lives including selling souls to skating.
Good evening sirs, how are you?
Andrei: I didn’t do my homework, how do you think I’m doing?! Just kidding. Pretty good!
Sam: Evening! ^Neither did I, but I’m doing good also!

Any fun stuff this weekend?
Sam: I got to skate Saturday, try out the new Arbiter DK. Apart from that not much. College stuff.
Andrei: I, on the other hand, got to sit inside and imagine how I would try out the new Arbiter DK due to rain. Lots and lots of rain.

What’s a new Arbiter DK?
Andrei: Double kick board… Doubles the fun! Super simple, yet very effective design.
Sam: Original’s new deck! 9 Plys of rad!

How is 2014 so far?
Andrei: I gained 2 kilograms… Besides that, pretty awesome. Lots of filming, planning new trips, having fun, etc.
Sam: Epic. Every year gets better. More events, more trips. Lots of plans for summer.

Why did you decide to get fat?
Andrei: Makes me go faster during downhill. It’s a strategic move.

Where did your year start out?
Sam: In the literal sense, in Newquay at 00.01 on January 1st. But skate wise first big event was in February! So You Can longboard Dance 2014 in Eindhoven.
Andrei: Sam came over in February. Got some filming done in Brussels and saw a bunch of great people dance and do ridiculously awesome tricks on longboards in Eindhoven.

How come you never go to Sam for filming, Matilda?
Andrei: If I could, I would. But I can’t, so I shan’t…
Sam: Aka The UK doesn’t like Russian people…
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 21.56.33

What’s been your longest time apart?
Andrei: Sam is always in my heart (no homo).
Sam: hahaha Usually it’s between 3-6 months that we don’t get to skate together but we meet up for events and trips whenever we can. Forming the power duo that is SamDrei.

How did you meet?
Andrei: You go first…

Sam: Haha I got it. I messaged Andrei a couple years back when I was planning the Norway Trip. I knew of him since we both rode for Original but we’d never met before. I asked if he’d want to come on the trip and things went from there.

Andrei: I was super stoked for the Oslo trip. And all of the sudden SYTYCLD came up. So we planned this one first. It resulted in a few podium places, a video (From Belgium with Love) and a lot of fun in general.
Sam: Good times!

Are you similar?
Sam: Extremely hahaha You agree right?

Andrei: In so many ways. We both skate for fun, love lunchables, always want to get the most perfect shot/music for an edit and we are both very competitive at ping pong.

Sam: Both play guitar too. I think the only place we differ is cleanliness. Andrei likes to keep things clean… too clean.

How was SYTYCLD last year?
Andrei: That was the first time we actually skated and filmed together. When I heard that there would be a 2014 edition I pooped my pants a little from excitement.

Sam: Yep! Still one of the best events I’ve been too! My first flatland competition/event. I flew over for a few days to skate with Andrei and hit the event.

Who films the most?
Andrei: Depends on the trip. In Oslo it was a mix of Sam, Tom and me. During the ‘Belgium trips’ it’s always Sam that sets up the camera but we film 50-50. No, lets say Sam films 60% and I do 40%.

Sam: Yeah I’d agree. It’s definitely changed since our first trip. Andrei’s learnt a lot more about using the camera and filming so it’s pretty even now which is rad. You end up with a good mix of shots with two people filming.
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 21.59.20

What do you shoot with?
Andrei: Big black box that you can look through. This is how far my camera knowledge goes.

Sam: Haha. We used to shoot everything on a Canon 5d Mark ii but recently I’ve switch to a Panasonic AF100 which I’m liking a lot.

Andrei: -cough- Brett Novak -cough- introducing slomo to our videos -cough- I like slomo.

What did you enjoy about the 2014 SYTYCLD?
Sam: The event grew so much after the first edition. So many different styles and riders this year. People flying in from all over the place which is awesome to see.

Andrei: It definitely got more international. I saw some old friends and finally got to meet a lot of people that I only knew through photos and videos.

How tough was the competition?
Sam: I wasn’t competing in the Dancing category so I can’t speak for that but the Best Trick category was a lot tougher this year. We only had 3 attempts. Major props to Renze and Simon for 1st and 2nd! I was stoked to get 3rd amongst some of the crazy stuff landed.

Andrei: Competition was ‘hella crazy’. I saw a guy doing an airwalk off a feature… That says enough.

Is there a difference between dance/freestyle?
Andrei: The line that separates dance and freestyle is very blurred. Some consider it two different things. Personally I mix them up so much that I lost sight of that line a long time ago.

Sam: I think they’re definitely two distinct styles, you know each one when you see it, but I also believe that there’s no point in trying to separate them. It’s only going to limit you. That goes the same with a lot of other styles, everything is just so intertwined it may as well be one thing. Skateboarding.

Who’s the best in Europe?
Andrei: I dislike questions like this one. I always say: the person that has the most fun.

Sam: No one. Although I could probably pick some of my favourite riders haha.

Go on then.
Sam: In no particular order. A series of people that I enjoy watching skate, are doing something different, or just straight out shred it: Mark Short, Axel Serrat, Bruno Sorondo, Toti Bicicleta, Jeff Ellis, Petter Reinem, and of course Andrei Churakov.

Andrei: In no particular order: Philippe Chan, Bruno Sorondo, Toti Bicicleta, Luutse, Tristan Morvan, Pablo Nicieza Lopez-tapia (aka Blin), Petter Reinem, monsieur Lotfi Lamaali, Axel Serrat, Jeff Ellis, Femke Bosma, … 11 is the new 5.

How important are beards?
Sam: 100% of guys that won the Euro Dance Champs last year had beards. Fact.

Andrei: Coincidence? I don’t think so! #conspiracytheory

What’s your favourite/most impressive trick?
Sam: Hmmmm. Once I do a trick so many times it stops being impressive to me. To me, 90% of my tricks suck. I guess my favourite and most impressive to me is nollie 360 shove-it’s to manual. Purely because they happen 1 in 50 times haha

Andrei: Let’s get something straight here. I did not trade my soul with the devil to do manuals, ok?

Skatan doesn’t take virgin souls!
Andrei: Oh, I see you speak from experience?

Yup, I won’t take your soul.
Andrei: Touché…
Sam: hahaha Schooled

Aside from the comp, where have you skated this year?
Andrei: The beating heart of Europe/Belgium, Brussels. Resulted in having a good time, being super paranoid about not getting our stuff stolen and a new video.

Sam: Brussels and the Lake District so far this year! America to come in July!

How was the skate district?
Sam: haha Epic. Crazy crazy hills. You wouldn’t believe it’s England. Was awesome to have the Thrill Mag team together on one trip.

Andrei: I saw pictures… It looked fun.

Have you been any videos together?
Sam: 6 in total! Our Belgium videos probably being the best in my opinion.

Andrei: And then there is “Oslo Sessions”. Mix of freeride, downhill and lots of freestyle. And of course the behind the scenes video that Sam did, ‘A Norwegian Adventure’. It catches the vibe of the whole trip and shows what goes into making a trip that big happen.

What were you up to last time we spoke?
Sam: It feels like so long ago! It was right after Norway so I was back in the UK making the most of Summer!

Andrei: For me it was right after we filmed ‘From Belgium with Love’. So Oslo, Car Free Sunday and a second ‘Belgium filming trip’ happend after that. With some local events and meetings in between all of that.

What adventures did you have after that?
Sam: Car Free Sunday! I flew out to Brussels again to hit the Slide Jam, skate with the foreign exchange crew and get some filming done in Leuven.

Andrei: Car Free Sunday was a blast! Except for the fact that 4 (rather expensive) boards got stolen.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Sam: ‘MURICA. Heading to NYC/New Jersey to finally meet the Original Skateboards crew and have a blast skating some American goodness.

Andrei: ♪♫ Now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new ♫♪

Got any new sponsors?
Andrei: Oh Paris… What a beautiful city… I mean truck. A beautiful truck! And to go along with that, I also ride for Fireball. Spreading spicy thane all over Belgium.

Sam: Bern UK and I too picked up Paris Trucks Co! A beautiful truck indeed.

Andrei: The fact that we ride for the same board & truck companies makes it really hard for some people to distinguish us in videos. Funny enough to mention.
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 22.01.55

Wow. Congrats. How did that happen?
Andrei: Two years of spamming Paris Trucks Co with sponsorship e-mails. No kidding. And Fireball? It just happened. It was meant to be in some way because I was riding their wheels before that for 2 years straight. So I was both used to the super hot urethane and really stoked about it.

Sam: The Uk Distributor of Paris was looking for a UK based rider and Thrill passed on my name. Super stoked to be riding for them! As for Bern UK that happened in the past few weeks! They hooked the Thrill Team up with some lids for the Tour. Thanks to Lyndsay for putting me on the Team!

What would you like to happen in the future?
Andrei: Keep meeting new people from all over the world. That would be great. Oh, and find a bearing sponsor. I keep popping mine and that makes me sad.

Sam: haha World peace and flying cars would be pretty cool but I’d settle for more trips and more skating.

SamDrei, it’s been super fun talking to you. Good luck on the path to super pro ness. Andrei. Stop!
Sam: Hammer time? It’s been rad. Thanks Gbemi!

Andrei: Can’t wait already for the next interview!

Any last words?

Andrei: Tricks get applause…

Sam: …Style gets Respect.

Aww aren’t you cute.
Sam: You spelt Awesome wrong.


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