Skate classic night report


A while ago Fernando and I first spoke about organising an event where we could cruise and watch some skateboarding videos after. Fernando and Gauekoak always give us great support so it would be a great event! We decided that Thrashin’ was the perfect movie as many of the younger riders didn’t even know it. Thrashin’ is a must see for everyone who likes skateboarding. The event was completed with tarp surfing and a reggae concert.

Last Friday the day finally arrived! At the beginning we thought it would be a small event but it turned out to be something huge! About 80 riders from Vitoria, Bilbao, Logroño and some other places came to our little Vitoria to cruise and have fun with us. WTF? We were delighted to see so many people with their boards ready to PUSH! Luckily we chose a bikepath for the cruising, so we were free of car threats.

So finally we started cruising. I was so fucking happy! For the first time I was surrounded by lots of riders here in Vitoria. I have been in big events like “la noche en blanco” but riding in your hometown with so many people surrounding you is something very special. 80 riders in a bikepath was like watching the tour de france haha. After one hour pushing under the sun we arrived at the skate park where the tarp surfing was waiting for us.

As we are a young crew, it also was our first tarp surfing event. As you can imagine, the first trials were not the best and the riders were eaten by the wave. But finally we got the trick. Damn! It was SO funny! hahaha I think everybody who tried it had a really good time. Smiles are the truth and the payment you get when you make an event, and we got a lot of them!

It was time to go on with the event so we took our boards and moved to the next and final spot. I have watched Thrashin’ like 10 times, maybe more, but never with so many riders and many of them had not watched it before. Well, in fact, the movie is older than most of them… 90 minutes of daggers, L.A. massacre and old school fun. I laughed and enjoyed it as it was my first time watching it. GO DAGGERS!

After the movie, the party begun with the reggae concert. Music, fun and Jägermeister. But that’s something I can’t talk about in a report. The only thing I can tell you is that we all love that fucking deer!

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