SkateboarderCross | Hamburg

In 2010 the first German skateboarder cross took place in Hamburg. It was a hard piece of work to convince the Government of the city of Hamburg to support the idea, nobody knew anything about skating. But we decided to get the highest hill in Hamburg, which is quite difficult for many reasons:
1. Hamburg is famous for it’s flatness;
2. The highest hill is a former hazardous waste deposit closed to public.
Now it’s hermetically sealed and covered with lawn. But because there are two wind turbines on the top of the hill a great paved road was made to get up there! Perfect for us to skate down. Its’ a narrow, winding road, 700m length, top speed 50km/h – not enough for us! So we built up 5ft of wood and created huge high speed banks. Now that track is a challenge. Riders came from all over Germany, we had 50 riders and about 800 spectators.
After this great event, there was no energy left in the community for the arrangement of a 2011 issue. Now Hamburg has registered a longboard association “Rollsport Hamburg” there will be a new event in 2012. Unfortunately the “dump hill” is closed for construction work, so this year’s event will be a “exile-skateboardercross”. The track is not that steep, but we have a “twin track”, with a mirrored synchronised track. Due to the different track, the whole thing will be more similar to slalom than a high-speed race.

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