”So You Think You Can Longboard Dance” event report


It started on a cold & misty morning, one car and 4 double kick boards in the trunk. We(Philippe, Abdul, Sam, myself and my dad) were on our way to Eindhoven for the ‘SoYouThinkYouCanLongboardDance‘- an indoor longboard meeting/event organized by Spots & Locals. Sponsored by a sh*t load of companies and supported by even more riders. Sounds good right? Believe me, it was GOOD!

After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the spot. We could tell this would be a memorable day. 2 big halls with fun, little obstacles and a lot of longboarders. The plan for the day was: free skate, longboard dance competition, best trick, hippy jump and longest nose manual. After registration, the fun began.
The free skate gave the riders the opportunity to warm up, get used to the obstacles and meet up with old & new friends.
I was happy to see Lotfi from Paris again, as we skated in the finals a while ago in Brussels during the ‘Car Free Sunday‘; and Thomas, the founder of ‘Soma Boards’, who I got to skate with at ‘Longboard at the Park’ 2 years ago.
I also got the chance to meet a lot of great dancing queens & kings like Bianca Kersten, Luutse Brouwer, Femke Bosma, Peter Lahr, Lisa Karina, Deen Mondt, Sven Willy, Lucas Zimmermann, the guys from Boardfather and SO MANY OTHERS!
It kicked off with the dance competition. Everybody got 30 seconds to show their finest dance moves.’ The beat dropped (BIG UP TO THE DJ, really enjoyed the tunes that day!) and the riders started dancing one by one. It was great to see all the tricks and different styles, so much so that I almost forgot my turn.
‘Andrei Churakov from Belgium, you’re up!’
That’s was my que. I’ll just start off with a one footed manual and see what happens afterwards!
A few manuals, old school varials and grabs later we were down to 5 riders. We all had 90 seconds to win the hearts of the judges &  public for a spot in the finals.  We all did our best to deliver the smoothest, most technical moves and have a lot of fun.
The judges needed time to choose the finalists, so we began with the ‘best trick competition’.
First there was a qualifying round. Pretty hectic, due to everybody skating randomly. All the qualified riders got 3 chances to show their most EPIC trick. And so they did.
For instance I saw Sam doing an old school varial which he landed crosslegged. And some of the tricks that Sven Willy did, I couldn’t even name. And don’t even start about Thomas on the quarterpipe, the boy’s got wings!
After all the technical madness, it was time for the ‘hippy jump contest’. They started off easy, and in no time the bar was up to 138 cm. At that moment, just a few riders were still in the game. But when they raised the bar to 139 cm, only one managed to jump (pretty much fly) over it. And afterwards he amazed us even more by hippy jumping over 150 cm. Congrats to Steffen Koester!
During the free skate after the hippy jump contest, Tom Bergman (One of the guys from BOARDFATHER who helped out by being a top notch host!) told me that I was in the finals of the dancing competition together with Luutse & Lotfi.
We got more time to entertain the crowd one last time. Although we were all exhausted, we danced to the music like we never did before. I enjoyed it a lot and wish to skate with those guys again soon!
One last contest. Nose manny, aka ‘ultimate balance test’. We had to choose if we would do them normal or one footed. One footed for Sam & me please. Everybody knew that the length of the hall wouldn’t be enough. So we had to go around in circles. Luutse took first place on this one with Lennart one meter behind him.
All of a sudden a new contest by Sickboards. The person with the most bent trucks would get a nice pair of Paris Trucks. Argh! I had left my old bananas at home.
Podium results. I got a happy second place right in between 2 dance legends.
Femke took 1st place in the ‘Women Dance Competition’. Awesome & clean dancing it was!
The best trick went to Sam Holding from England.
And all the other podium places are obvious.
This was a great day. Once again a BIG thanks to all the sponsors & organizers!
For those who missed out, check out some of the footage in the links below:
1. Some raw footage.
2. Nice edit by Sven Willy.

I’ll end with a quote, hope you all enjoyed reading.
“Tricks get applause, style gets respect.”
Andrei Churakov

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