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We had a chat with the new, slimer TB at the end of last season, starting from where we finished off our last interview. He tells us all about adventuring around Switzerland and skating with big Reindeer in Finland. Stoked.
Hey TB, how are you?
Hehe, I’m very relaxed now, just put on your playlist.

Yeah bro! Good week so far?
Absolutely magical! Been on a super adventure to Extremesportweek in Voss and then beyond. Been sleeping in the bush for the last three days. with a view to kill for; Lysefjorden!

Chasing bears/moose?
Didn’t see one moose or bear! But we spoted some small whales/dolphis on our way over Sognefjorden on a ferry.

You’re with the caveman/Viking barbie?
HAHA! Viking Barbie, good one! Nah, Kula had to be home as Ken, laying it down for the man, tattooing and taking care of his growing family. But Fred and Rebekka were with us, amongst others; full on cavemaning the last few days at Voss after the comp.

How was Voss?
Voss was rad as usual, it’s the only thing to expect from Voss actually! Dry qualy and race day. I came 2nd, thumbs up! I love all the freeride hills! Slashing up Anaconda both wet and dry, same went for Stalheimskleiva! Incredible roads. Those of you who didn’t come truly missed out on this event! (We say this every year but it’s so damn true).

Last time we spoke, it was just after Bo Peep – what else did you get up to that summer?
That’s right. I went home to dry up, then put all the gear back together (zips were broken, gloves rotten) and some to go on Euro-Tour in a mobile home! it was spectacular.

Where was the first stop on your tour?
Sweden of course, need to fill up the snus supply! Then it was straight for ChechzzzReppublic and Kozakov!

Who else lived with you?
The main crew was Me, Vegard Tvete (drivers) and Arnesen, but he had to go home after kozakov, Kim was also with us all the way! Then Andreas Valebjørg was with us for some comps and Kula even was with us haha. Magic Fiat Ducato!
TMI - Andre Bernsten

No circus that summer?
No, not as much as it used to. Still do jobs when it works out with travelling, keep the stoke!

Was this tour different to your priors?
First I think about is the benefits of a mobile home on trips like this! Infinite space for wheels and dirty clothes! Where you park is your home! Euro tour is euro tour! I’ve done some now, it’s fun to see all the new faces and awesome riders coming up!

What were the skateboarding highlights?
Switzerland for me, it was the perfct ending to a 10.000km long road trip! Did a secret hill there, which you can see in my video, the last road, I will set up camp there next year. Damn straight! Peyragudes also was a huge stoke for me! Loved that road, and I can’t wait to come back this year.Style - RobDawg

Was the competition harder that year?
It’s getting harder and harder every year, so you can’t be lazy and relax if you want to bring something to the table.

Have you had to change anything to ensure you bring some bacon to the table?
Yup, I’ve lost some stones after last year and been on my board a lot more! Now it feels really tight going fast! It’s a good feeling.

No more Baloo?
Hehe, no but I’m still as cuddly and positive.

Your suit must be huge now!
It fits now, I have no idea how I got into them before.
Style - Andre Berntsen photo

How will you make up for the loss of velocity?
I used to be super thin, but that ain’t good either, aiming for an ideal weight is my aim now. 2013 edition of TB will be available at your local race this year! It feels good at the moment, and that helps me mentally for the racing this year, I’m ready!

If you could change anything about last summer what would it be?
Stayed longer in Switzerland.

What did you get up to after the Euro tour?
Worked, then I went to South Africa for winter.

You really like it down there don’t you?
You can say so haha.
Patrick Labitzke photography

What did you get up to there?
All sorts of good stuff you do when it’s winter at home and summer where your are. Then on top of this, there are two comps: High Rising and Hot Heels.

Is the vibe at races different there?
Yeah, it’s a very chilled atmosphere! Great vibe and good friends to hang out with.

Who did you hang out with?
Rebekka, Annie Alf, Jay and Nathan of course! In between the two comps, we did a road trip to Bloukranz for some freerides. Spent a lot of time travelling and enjoying the country, as usual.

How were the races?
Good! High Rising is a warm-up event, so to speak, for Hot Heels. It’s a sweet little thing with a crazy last corner, specially if you consider the cape-winds or when there’s a surprising lack of it! Nasty stuff.

You competed at the last ever IGSA race!
Yes, sir!
Alex Ulrich photo

Did you see this day coming?
Well… something was bound to happen. I’d say no two years ago.

Do you think people will return to race SA now there are no points at stake?
Will see what happens, it’s not until December anyway.

What were you riding this year?
New for this season are Hawgs Wheels and Adam & Eva Grensen! Other than that I will ride my Early ´TB´and Munkae Trucks! And sporting under the leathers; a highteq 2XU suit of course.

Who are Adam & Eva?
Adam and Eva is the longest running hairdresser chain in Norway, 40 years and counting!

How do hairdressers end up sponsoring a skateboarder?
Erm, I didn’t know either until I went down for a cut. A mate told me to hit up an old friend of ours who works in Adam og Eva Grensen. I did and they were wondering if I’d like to skate for them “look smart on the head for free”. Sure, I said. I hadn’t been to a hairdresser for a lot of years!
I think it fits really well, they have a great attitude, and the boss was laughing and loving the fact that I use a helmet all the time.
Vikings - Andre Bernsten

Aside from the Spanish, the Norwegian skaters are probably least likely to shave their beards or heads, did they sign you up to battle this?
What about India and their moustaches? I don’t have a Fredric-beard, so they focus on the top-floor.

Touchè! Where did your season start in 2013?

4th straight year at Voss right?
Yes, I think so!

Did it feel different under the new organisers?
Not so much. Bjørg and Adrian have dialled the setup the previous years. So the new org came to a ready table. Every year there’re more and more helis coming to watch us, that’s fun!

What other local races did you do?
DANA photo

Did you have many goals before the races started?
Yes I did, well maybe not many, but I had a couple of clear ones sure.

What were they?
Lose some K´s, then ATTACK!

What other races did you attend?
Not so many last season, sad to say. After Voss, I went for a trip to Lysebotn then we took my old Volvo and drove for north Finland! There’s a really nice freeride there, in Syöte!
If you wanna skate with no night and loads of reindeer (on the track) go there! Super nice. After that, I went down south to attend the race from outer space; Almabtrieb.
I was supposed to go futher, but I just had to smash my elephant-ankle into a mountain going down Col de la Bonette with the swiss-crew.

Dude! Lapland must have been nuts.
That was something else, I can tell you that! I’ve always liked people from Finland, so going there was such a treat.
DA NA photography

How was it different apart from other freerides you had been?
Sauna. Crazy finns, everywhere! Reindeer on the road, big ones too.
The area was flat as a pancake, we were like, WTF, while driving there from Oslo (google that for a drive to a freeride! ozzy style). Then, Iso-Syöte just pops up from nowhere with 14% and gnarly surface! hehe, funny Finland.

Will you be there again this year?
I will do what I can to make it!

Seems like you did more freeriding last year than ever.
Yup, I guess I have. I like it!

How has the freeride changed you as a skater?
Well, I guess it brought me more back to being a skater rather than a racer. It’s quite nice to just charge again and again and again with mates without race day tacticts hanging over one like a logger on a Sunday morning.
Kimmo Jamsa photo

What is important to skater TB as opposed to racer TB?
Warning; clichè alert!

Skating. Moments. Friends.

Haha. Where did you race after Almatrieb?
I’ve been on some euro tours now and they all jam together! After Germany, I went with the swiss crew to the French Alps. That’s where I did my foot in, on Europe’s highest paved mountain pass. The most high.

Did you make many new Swiss friends this year?
Sure, so friendly those Swiss. HEY JP and Schtuk!

What was the highlight of your year?
Ah, easy. Norway, Finland and Almabtrieb!
And the most crazy day of my life when Rebekka dropped me down, I think about seven of the most epic hills, in the Alps. Satan by my side that was nuts! One blind drop and then off to the next! A whole day just this.
junkyard.no photo

What did you do for the rest of the year?
Fixing up my old bike. Skate as much as possible, probably ski some more than skating but that’s life up here.

Are you and Cedric in the same bike gang?
No, he rides his bikes with engines only, as far as I know. Cheater!

What are your plans for this year?
They are still in the idea stage, but the Eurotour is looking like a go. All depends on work, you know how it is.

What’s life like after KOTH?
It’s great mate! They also hooked me up with Hawgs Wheels! So I’m well soled for the coming season! Love you guys.

Do you still hang out with Jorgen?
Not that much like before, but there’re no bad vibes between us, that’s for sure. Jovial is a new Jovial by the way, new owners and new faces on the team.
Unai Bellamy photo

Any last words?
Yes. Yvon, get well soon mate! Go Sweden!
A HUGE BIG UP to Adam for taking the title back home to Sweden.
See you all at Voss next year!

Anton, Strohrum will have to wait to next year! Sorry bru.

Awe lankiff bru

It’s been awesome talking to you again Baloo, hope we bump into each other somewhere next year!
Likewise, as always, Gebæmbi.
Am I saying that right?

Haha love you Tobjun? torpedo? Tor bum bum? Am I saying that right?
Bum bum is no fun fun!
Haha, that reminds me of a ad I read in a Cape Town newspaper: ´want to get rid of TB? Open a window!´. Haha, that cracked me up at the café!
Unai photo

Early Skateboards Australia – http://earlyskateboards.com
Jovial.no Norways longboardshop online
Hawgs Wheels – http://hawgswheels.com
Adam Og Eva Grensen – http://grensen.adamogeva.no
Munkae Trucks – http://downhilldragonclan.com
FATANT Bushings! http://www.fatant.co.za

And remember always to SJÅ I TAKET!!

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