The Gathering III


It sounds like the final part of a trilogy starring Tom Cruise as a happy go lucky civilian who wakes up in a field in Moscow surrounded by mountain goats branded with a place and time: Stockholm, August 23rd.

This isn’t too far from the truth. All the goats, moose/mooses/meese/m&s and elks in the skate world will be in the north of Europe for a very special event. A few years ago, I was lurking on the loaded channel and a video popped up from Sweden. It was from the first gathering. I had previously seen footage from the broadway bomb and wanted it as bad as a bacon sandwich.
Seeing there was something similar in Europe melted my mind gently. I found the organiser and eventually met up with him in Madrid the following September. My official first viking friend. Still love you bro. Now I have more friends in Sweden than toes, and everyone knows – you can’t have too many toes!
Probably because of Aho, there’s a big place in our heart for Stockholm. He even introduced me to Adam, and then Ishtar. Ishtar! The most beautiful soul on this side of earth. That all lead to love affairs with Mr Bond, Klaes, Morre, Tanya, Spagnel Isac, Lamin, Borg, Speedoff!, Kristina, Jesper, Albin, Kristian, Molin and caviar in a tube. You Swedes need to chill with that. I draw the line at ”bacon cheese” – processed ”bacon” and cheese in a toothpaste tube, I’ll assume it takes like stale moose hair.
Last summer, after a year of much flirtation with the idea – I took the plunge and went to Stockholm for The Gathering! It was strange visiting a place for the first time and feeling at home. At the first opportunity, I went to the world famous Kahalani shrine shop, the birthplace of Swedish stoke. It was so awesome to talk for dayssss with Dan and Mike, and see Adam in his element, and hang out with Erik.
The weekend, like the Swedish, was meticulously organised, with an event scheduled for nearly every 4 hours – for 3 days. You can’t knock the Longboard Sweden guys for organisational effort. I gave up after the first day and just skated around town doing the tourist thing. The first night we had a water-gun fight, exactly like Aho, Jesper and I did in Madrid that night we met. In fact a lot of the weekend imbibed elements from ”La Noche en Negro”. But that’s not a bad thing.
Knowing the guys, this weekend will be jam packed with rad events, as much as a young skater of any age can handle. If you’re a tourist attending – I recommend going to the hill by the church with some locals tonight or early tomorrow before the 200+ people get there for the slide jam. AND Hogdalen (Highvalley) where the race will be held. There’s a stomping big skate park being built there, you should check it out. Rad snake runs for your wide trucks and soft wheely needs. Mead! DRINK SOME MEAD.
Also – Swedish groms rip like nothing else! Gutted I won’t get to skate with you guys this weekend. But looking forward to seeing photos, videos and stories.
Shout out to the one armed pirate, Aho’s baby, the tall beardless guy in the Kaha shop, Finnish girls, Fabian (eve), Team Ramla, Lakrispapata?, Spagnel (you were in my dream), the dude that looks like Axel, Jesper’s beard and the girl with the funniest name on Earth.



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