Thib’s Belgian adventure


Last month, I did a  trip to Belgium, to meet the longboard scene. Belgium is a little country without mountains, but lots of riders and one big crew, LRBX. Founded in 2011 by Cedric Scheers and friends “La Roulette Bruxelloise” (LRBX)’s goal is to promote and organize the Belgium scene in a different way.

Cedric and his team have developed one of the most important schools of longboarding in Europe, with over 500 kids on board in one year. I had the chance to assist at one lesson.
micha margo It was fun to see lots of kids who had never tried skateboarding stepping on the board and after 30 minutes with some falls and the help of Cedric, moving around the city to practice  and enjoy the feeling of longboarding. It’s great to see how they transform the fear of falling into the pleasure of riding, playing and sharing stoke with friends.
Some kids finished the day with a big smile and we can hope than some of them come back for other free sessions in Bruxelle.
After the session, the team and I skated around the city.

At the freeride spot of Leuven, I was impressed by the level of the kids in freeriding. They were fast, precise and aggressive in their moves, and of course very friendly with all the other riders. It’s not just about the style but the pleasure too. Long straight lines between the houses, good pavement and good hills with 10 riders for a mid-week afternoon. Crazy amount of motivation!
xavier ethuin

Later, I discovered the downhill spot in Bruxelle; the Tumuli Forest. 1km through the forest with a top speed of 40km/h. It was cool to see some guys come here from other cities, just for fun. Pack runs of 10 riders were also great. This spot gives the possibility for a lot of fun shit, like runs in switch, naked runs, barefoot runs or  beer runs; all in one afternoon.

The aim of LRBX is to mix the beginner and the experienced rider in same place, with lots of patience and where all can find their place and have fun.

At the end or my journey, I skated the downhill spot of Belgium, Houyet! 3km with 6 turns  and top speed of 70km/h. This spot is the host of  Wallonhill, famous freeride in Belgium. Not super fast but with lots of contact between the riders, because here we can start again in packs  and create lot of crazy action.
elise loeys

Before I came here, I thought Belgium was a flat country with bad weather. After this week, I can say that I will come back soon for all of the above and more fun with all the LRBX crew!


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