So You Think You Can Longboard Dance 2014 report

Saturday Morning, 8:30 a.m. in Leipzig – 2 Cars, 9 people and 602 km to get to Eindhoven, Netherlands. Everybody was super excited about an unforgettable longboarding weekend.
Gjis Schalks family gave us a heart warming welcome and hosted us once again in their royal castle. After enjoying a lot of fabulous pasta we made our way to the pre-contest party. It was amazing to meet up with everybody, skate together in the biggest skate hall the Netherlands has to offer, having a couple of drinks and check out how far everybody had come with their skills.
The actual contest took place on Sunday, starting around 1 p.m. I was quite nervous when the rush of excitement went through my body because for me it is still different to skate with my friends or to participate in a contest. And I knew how talented everybody was.
When we got to the hall, everybody started to warm up right away while there were still people showing up and registering for the event. It was great to see that people made their way to the contest that had literally no idea what longboarding was about. Of course there were also supporters for the participants.
The contest started off with the category of the non-sponsored riders. Each run was scheduled for 60 seconds where they could show different tricks and prove their styles. Before the sponsored riders danced their hearts out, the girls had the opportunity to impress the judge and the audience.
All three categories danced under the same circumstances and the same rules. It was very impressive seeing different riders from different countries, different styles and even how much some of them improved their skills since I last saw them at the Euro Dance Championship in Berlin last August.
I was also stoked about the fact that even riders from South Korea, Spain, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and France took some time off to spend just a couple hours with other crazy wild gone longboarders. Not to forget the incredible distance and uncountable kilometres.
Steve Jung
Besides the regular longboarding dance runs, each rider had the chance to convince the judge also in the rubric of hippie-jump and best trick. Especially the rubric of best trick showed that longboarding is way off any kind of standards.
After a long and exhausting day of skating, the winners were announced at around 10 p.m. Congrats to everybody and thank you to each and everybody for the great time, the awesome organization and for making another weekend just so special and unforgettable!
I hope to see you guys next time!
Paris Gang

Dance Men (Pro)

1. Jeff Ellis (GER)
2. Arto Rohde (NL)
3. Jon Haarhuis (NL)

Dance Woman

1. Deborah Keser (GER)
2. Melanie Golz (GER)
3. Femke Bosma (NL)

Dance Men (amateur)

1. Tom Schaeffer (LUX)
2. Will Edwards (US)
3. Steve Jung (KOR)

Best Trick

1. Renze van den Brink (NL)
2. Simon Arsenidis (GER)
3. Sam Holding (UK)

Hippie Jump

1. Steffen Köster (GER)
2. Sebastian Delgado (ESP) & Lotfi Lamaali (FR)

Overall winner (SYCLD TROPHY)

Jeff Ellis – (GER)

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