Tuixent 2012 report

The first time I saw this road I thought it was too much for me, after I rode it I changed my opinion, it is a lot fun, and this was one of the best freerides I’ve been to. It perfectly combines hairpins with fast sections. It’s a great place to practice for the race season.
Tuixent Freeride marked the start of the season for most of the Spanish riders. It’s located in Tuixent la Vansa, a ski resort in a zone called Bergueda. It is the perfect place to skate and have fun in the middle of the Pyrenees, surrounded by beautiful trees and creepy mountains.
This year, Tuixent was on 14 and 15 of July. The organizers of the event- Kaina and Jarto and Jartorious (downhill associations from Catalunya) worked hard on this event. And they did great. It was fun, with lots of good vibes. The organisation was unsurpassed, and safety was completely solid.
Lots of people drove hours and hours from Madrid, Portugal, Euskadi and Alicante. Around 115 riders in all. It’s good to use this excuse to gather many of the Spanish downhill scene together. Also a lot of viewers were there, people who feel attracted to our hobby/game/sport/whatever.
It was great to see how the Spanish scene is growing and getting better and better year by year, it’s impressive. Lots of young people shredding hard and experienced ones too, of course. The best thing was to see how girls are getting more and more into the downhill. Was great to see Eider, Barbara, Dunia and others girls riding hard.
This text is dedicated to Marc juncosa and Apostol, we wish you a speedy recovery guys!
Thanks to Marta for the photos!

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