The Unai Bellamy Chronicles: Chapter 2


Stoked that we got to catch up with our brother Unai about his adventures last season with La Team Tin, skating and shooting photos around Europe, in BCN and Salsito! Enjoy
Kaixo Unai!
Kaixo Gbemi.

How are you today?
As always waking up in front of the computer.

What are you working on?
Right now I am working in the front cover of a famous singer and editing a fresh session of a fresh model. Currently little skate…haha.

How has your year been?
Funny and intense.

Where did your 2013 start?
The real life started when the TV show finished and I could dedicate more time to skating.

Has that been the focus this year – more skating?
Yes; the thing that makes me happiest is being involved by boards.

Where have you been skating?
Mostly in the spots close to my home and also in Switzerland during the Eurotour.

Is it difficult to skate as much as you want while also working behind the camera?
Yes, I enjoy working behind the camera a lot because I love skating and this way I can learn a lot by just watching but I would like also to have more time to skate. I try to look for some roads after the races to enjoy myself.
happy aleix

Are you getting more into skating fast?
Bit by bit, I like skating faster and doing what I already know to do. I have good teachers like Mikel Echegaray, Pablo Quiles and Ivan.

Fast putos!
But safe.

Did you enjoy your second Euro tour?
It was just perfect and crazy with my Spanish locos friends. I would fo back right now if I could.

What were your goals for that year?
To take great photos, to forget about the bad things and to meet interesting people.
ishtar moments

Did you meet any interesting people?
Yes, I met awesome people in Germany and I got to know my old friends better.

Are the photos you took this year different from those of last year?
There haven’t been many changes. This year I’ve been in enjoying the races more than last year.

What was different about this year’s racing?
This year we have had Pablo Quiles in Goat Team and that has been more excitement and more chances to win.

Have there been any other changes in the herd?
Not in the proRiders team but there are many new freestylers in the herd.
catalan viking

Happy Unai takes different/better photos?
Happy Unai is active, creative and productive. When this happiness comes because of alcohol, the next morning I feel like dying…haha!

What was your first event this season?
The first important event and the one I remember with tenderness is Almabtrieb in Bavaria. Before Eurotour there have been many freerides in Spain with a very good organization.

Why have there been so many Spanish freerides this year?
The longboard community has grown up, also the downhill culture. It is a necessity in order to improve the riders level. Each time, the organization is better.

Which ones did you enjoy?
Ibardin freeride has been the best for me because I skated.

Did you shoot at any of them?
Yes I usually go there just to shoot and to have a good party.

You must have been excited about Almatrieb!
Almabtrieb was the Spanish riders meeting point. We were called “LaTinTeam”. First day was euphoric and crazy!

What happened on the first day?
Gorka, one of the Goat creators, and I brought some basque cider for everyone, we joined TB Sunde who was celebrating his birthday and it got out of control when they started playing ”The Beach Boys”.

VikingSpanish party!
So dangerous! Basque people are also very viking.

How was the rest of the event?
It was very funny to take photos with my friend Agro. It is more pleasant working while sharing tastes. We laughed and suffered a lot with our Spanish riders, there was much level and they had to fight a lot.
koz agro

Was it a fun race to shoot?
Yes, our riders faces while skating hard is nice.

How important is it to have your friends with you on tour?
It is so important, but after two weeks just with them I need my girlfriend to organize the base camp. My friends are very fun but a bit dirty too haha. Nekane, my girlfriend, is like our mother… haha I’m joking.

Congratulations on the new puppy!
Do you know Lola? Axel Serrat makes her famous! She is a dog who loves skateboarding people… just like me!

She is now part of the Puto puppy gang, learning from Pogo and Waska!
Last week Lola and Pogo met each others in Barcelona. She has not meet yet Waska but for sure they will get on well because they are both good girls!
axel lurking

What was your favourite thing about Almatrieb?
When one night the Dj finished his session and Axel went up to the stage and we all started improvising some rap songs.

Are there any new camera people?
Yes, I met new people and people who were already in this but I didn’t know. Patrick Labitzke, Sven Von Schlschta….

What did you learn from each other?
That you must to be very constant! It is the key!

Where was the next stop on your tour?
Kozakov, Czech Republic.

Last year, you said this was one of the races you were excited about attending. How was it?
It was awesome referring to the races and to the crashes that there were on it. I mostly wanted to be there because of the party but , in the end, it was too crazy for me.

Was it fun to shoot?
It was fun but I was working at the same corner. Hot weather is not so good for working, you know?

Do you ever photograph the parties?
Yes, in the parties I have with my friends I usually take photos because I like to shoot the intense moments. However during the Eurotour I use the night to relax myself and to release.

Did the Kozakov party live up to your dreams?
No, you can have fun without drinking that amount of alcohol. It was too much.

Which event party is your favourite?
I think that Almabtrieb was the best party in eurotour 2014.

What other places did you visit on tour?
Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia; Prague, Zürich, France, Austria.

Did you get to skate any of those places?
In Kozakov, I skated in the afternoon when the race finished, on the other side of the hill. In Slovenia I didn’t skate but I would love to because it is a very interesting spot, KNK Longboard Camp, next year I’ll do it for sure!

Where was the most interesting place to shoot?
Switzerland! Green and clean.

Had you visited any of those places before?
No, I started seeing Europe because of the skate.

What have you learnt about Europe?
It’s bigger than I thought. I like to meet with different people, with other cultures and I learnt that Europe is a good mix.

How was KnK?
Trambólico haha. Much level, many descents, a very nice place… It reminds me of the Basque Country.

What’s the Basque country like for skating?
There are amazing roads but because of the constant rain we have to stop sometimes a whole month because of the wet asphalt.

Will you see Mihael when he comes to Spain?
I would love to but I didn’t get in touch with him yet.

What did you get up to in Austria?
Austria was just landscape and road!

Do you have any favourite photos from this season?
Only in my mind.

At the end of last season, you said you were going to try some videos, did you make any last year?
Haha. Unfortunately I was busy with other work and it was impossible for me to make something good.
happy aleix

What were your favourite moments from the Euro tour?
My favourite moments are:

1. When Tato, Tyler, Rafa  and Agro arrived to Almabtrieb. They were very angry because they got lost on the way, the van was broken …a crazy moment!!!

2. The trip from Almabtrieb to Prague with all of “ La Team Tin” together. Imagine: 4 vans, 4 walkie-talkie, 13 guys, only one GPS! Crazy and funny.

3. After Kozakov, we were going to KNK, but we made a stop in Prague´s airport to pick up Nekane. My girlfriend! I missed her. She was the best support in our camp.

Where did you shoot/skate after the tour?
After the tour, Nekane and I continued with the trip and we went to Cadiz in the south of spain. We missed the beach. There, I made some  good portraits.

In October, I missed “ La Team Tin”, and we went to Barcelona to meet with some of them. There I was shooting  and skating with Axel, Gianki, Bipo, Agro, Uri…

Would you ever consider moving to BCN?
It’s one of my favourites cities. I think about that too many times. But my place is Euskadi.

Did you do any more trips after BCN?

How has 2014 gone for you?
This month, I was in Eindhoven with Rafa Ordovás (Goat TeamRider). This was the first trip or the year, but I hope to travel a lot this year.
I was also in Salsito! It is awesome. Salsito is a skaters paradise… Good spots, good staff, sweet home, good weather, good barbacoa. Thank to Butty and Pablo for making it possible

First time in Holland?
No I went there when I was a teenager. But I don´t remember nothing about that trip haha.

Will we see more Unai in Salsito?
I hope so. This time was a stop in my trip to Holland. I must to return to enjoy!

How was shooting freestyle different from the races?
I’m not used to the dancing and tricks and I think that it is very important to make a good job.

Did you have fun at the event?
I really enjoyed there. But I was very stressed because of the indoor light.

Were there many Spanish people?
Yes there were some Spanish people and I was surprised because they have a high level. Esos chicos de El Retiro!

Are you back home now?
Yes I am at home with Nekane and Lola!

What are your plans for this year?
I don´t know exactly now. But I think that this year promises a lot.

Are you getting to skate as much as you’d like?
No. It´s winter and its raining everyday. But the 3 sunny days in the month we skate during all the day. haha

Thank you so much for your time bro. I hope I get to see you this year!
Thanks to you Gbemi, for telling us what is going in the European longboard scene! Muxu handi bat.

Any last words?
Gracias a Goat Longboards por su apoyo y por que sin ellos mis aventuras no serían posibles.
Nekane photo


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