Voss 2012 report


A week ahead of the Extremesportsfestival in Voss, Norway the weather forecast was looking pretty grim: rain all week.
For those who attended the festival last year or any other year when it was pouring down all week this was a downer! I was so lucky to stay in a house with a warm bed, but the campers were struggling a bit.
Thankfully the weather cleared up as we arrived on Sunday, and for the following four days we were to enjoy sunshine, blue skies and a whole lot of radness.

On Monday a massive crew went for a twenty minute drive to somewhere called “ANACONDA”. I call it this because this hill truly is an animal. Any mistake on that road and the anaconda will pounce on you. Long sweepers, straights, switchbacks, kinks into switchbacks.
In fact nearly every hairpin had a kink placed nicely in front of it like the fangs of the animal. If you tread on an animal it could bite remember?

Pack runs were done by the best riders and some intense footage was filmed. Adam Persson, Erik Lundberg, Torbjörn Sunde, Luca Coleman, Christoffer Sanne and the Hörte-Jorundland brothers had strong runs to impress everyone around.
At the end of the day the beast had it’s share of fun by taking out two riders with minor injuries only. They both could skate again two days later when it was time for the competition.

At Skjervet, where the yearly comp is held, the stoke was high. Finally the long anticipated construction of a bypass tunnel was completed which meant a continuously closed road to skate on for two days! The first day was freerides and qualifying.
It was tight but when Adam Persson came around the last corner he blew everybody away. We knew this was going to be the best time. And it was indeed! He beat Lundberg by three whole seconds to knock him off the top spot. We were astounded at what had to be a new track record.
So Adam was definitely going into race day as a huge favorite for the win. Last years’ winner Torbjörn Sunde had a go at knocking Persson out in the semis but Adam slipped through to make it to the final. With a little luck “TB” was beaten by centimeters on the line.

The final was a one sided story though. Persson kicked out first and didn’t move from pole position. In behind he left Kristoffer Sanne, Trygve Jorundland and Herman Ottesen fighting for second place in a tight pack. As the guys were battling, it made it easy for Adam to take a commanding lead all the way to the line. A very worthy winner. Best rider all week deserved a great win!

Now, what makes Voss so special compared to other downhill events? Well, considering it’s an extremesports festival which means there are all kinds of hectic people around doing base-jumping, kayaking, skydiving, longboarding and more. So you can expect one hell of a party in the festival tent every night!

Everyday, the film crews of the individual sports get busy capturing the action of the day and putting together some sick edits that are shown on the bigscreen every night.  The longboard edits got standing ovations from the crowd this year. In the end, it was a great week with a lot of bench games, wiggeling-foot-beat-slap-my-face games and stoke.

The African brought long pants and a sleeping bag this time, the Don-Don was there. I wanna thank all the crew who were involved. Especially the film crew who pulled off great footage and editing together with real skating music! It was awesome to watch. You know who you are. Thanks!

And so it was… Another year another dollar. Until next time!

Keep ripping, Never trippin!

Qualifying times top 10

1 Adam Persson:          01:38,75
2  Lundberg Erik:          01:41,59
3  Sanne Christopher:  01:41,82
4  Sunde Torbjørn:        01:42,18
5  Jancey Adrian:          01:42,27
6  Jørundland Trygve:   01:42,96
7  Coleman Luca:         01:43,04
8  Ottesen Herman:      01:43,13
9  Patricksson Axel:      01:43,85
10 Borg Mattias:           01:43,98

Final results:

1 Adam Persson
2 Sanne Christopher
3 Jørundland Trygve
4 Ottesen Herman
5 Jancey Adrian
6 Sunde Torbjørn
7 Unsvåg Matias
8 Lundberg Erik
9 Coleman Luca
10 Søkjer-Petersen Gudmundur
11 Guneriussen Audun
12 Hørthe Alexander
13 Patricksson Axel
14 Borg Mattias
15 Patricksson Henning Philip
16 Baxter Julian
17 Hasselberg Simon
18 Moe Lasse
19 Waal Andreas
20 Espeseter Morten

Photographs by Stine Baska

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  1. Local from Voss

    Sorry to dissapoint you, but the name of the hill is not “Anaconda”, but “Donald”. The hill got that name when we skated it for the first time and the reason for it is that the road itself is called “Riksveg 313” wich is the car number of Donalds car.

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