Wallonhill 2012 report: Nelson Gamito


It was a great event. The location is particularly appropriate for such an event. I got there on Saturday morning with a couple of guys from Aachen (Germany).
Fortunately, we only had to drive about 150km to Houyet. There was a lot of rain. When we got there the track was wet, then it rained again! I had missed the first few runs with everyone by the time I rode the shuttle up the track for my first go.
 Looking out the window, the track seemed somewhat dry. After only 150 meters of riding it suddenly began to hail! We could barely see anything. Nevertheless we finished the run and were completely drenched. So much fun!

On the second day I was able to do a few runs in the dry. Finally! I love this track when it is dry. You can ride the upper part completely without breaking, save for the occasional airbrake to avoid crashing into the guys in front of you.

 The road is wide enough to easily fit three riders going side by side through the curves. After navigating the turns, we engaged in drafting games through the rest of the track, where whoever can hold the longest tuck became the winner.

The organizers, the riders, the campground by river, the Belgian Pommes Frites, the BBQ, Beer, beautiful nature
and of course the track were all just great.
Thank you to all the people who made this happen. I hope we will have better weather at the summer session.


Photos by: GORDON
website www.gordonphoto.org
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photography.gordon

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  1. ward vanderschuere

    wonderfull pictures
    what a great time
    its like coming back from a dream
    first time we dropt from a hill
    i see the beernem longboardcrew in tuck

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