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Another report by our buddy Thib, about the 3 day party/freeride by Alsace Downhill. We would just like to take this opportunity to wish Lyde a super fast recovery!

Wunder Barr freeride! When I took my car last Thursday, I knew that the weekend will be great fun and full of skate! I set off with some friends on the road to the a birthday in Barre, France. I had heard from some other racers than the AlsaceDownHill association always make a very very good event, with a crazy organization, and I wanted to see that on a new spot after the Koffe Schnapps spot!
When we arrived on Thursday night, we were surprised because the campground is not like all the other freeride – in a parking  lot or with nature, but before us was a REAL camp site, with showers (For girls, ahah) and some flat spot for the tent ! Ok we’re here for three days of fun and just after putting the tent up we start to met friends from Lyon like Spoky, Vincent and Lyde!
And after some beer we decide to go to sleep , First night it was 3 P.M!
 On Friday morning, we got up under a hot and good weather. It became very hot in the middle of morning, we registered, prepared our boards, and then it was time to ride! Some good riders were here, The BHM crew from Paris, the BLUTCHER from Belgium, some German riders like Fee Buchler and Anni Li and everyone wanted one thing – ride ride rrrriiidddee!
 The first run was crazy, because the pavement was not very good and strange for a first run. All the riders were surprised at the first part of the hill which was not very fast, with large curves between the trees but when we arrived at the hairpin, the ride became more hard, more speed, more fun. Without breaking, you can go very fast – 95km/h for the streetluge!
The Weather was always hot , and the first day was just so fun with good pack riding, lots of good action on the road. Just one bad point the crash of Lyde Begue in the last run, all the riders send good vibes to this miss, and hope she comes back on her board quickly and always with a big smile!
After this accident, it was the end of the day for riding. The ADH team decided to open a part of the road for a slide demonstration, and some technical riders took the slide board and did some good tricks, always in security, that was very technical!

At the same time the team prepared the dinner, and it’s not just a simple sandwich but a real dinner like at home! That’s why all the riders love the ADH organization; they are just perfect!
After a good dinner, with good drinks, it was time for long long long party, with two good DJs from Lyon who made a show to end the night (Sorry but I don’t remember a lot from that night haha). All the riders ate the birthday cake of ADH!
 The second morning was rainy, some riders took the opportunity to try to remember some part of the party! At 11 am the organization decided to start the ride, and the strange road had become more slow, but technical because of the wet. After two runs it was the time to eat again. At the same time the sun made his come back and at 2pm, the road was totally dry and ready to accept 250 riders! All the runs were fun and the return to the top, slow but fun in a real big big trucks!
 On this run we had two famous racers from Switzerland Rebeka Gemperle and Stefan Ruefli, who are always fast and clean, and very cool during and at the end of the runs. We have the good surprise to see some “old” riders from the famous French association REB, like Yann Labat or Alexis Caillaud who are always faster too!
 This birthday was the occasion to meet friends and discover other rider who are very impressive to like the young guy from the BHM Lazlo or Gloria Fiziert from Germany who are young but very clean and fast.

On the night, Party again with reggae music this time. It was more cool at the start but  quickly it become a hot night! That was fun!
On the Sunday morning, all the riders were tired, the weather was more cold, but all were happy to ride and having fun on this last day of freeride! Some riders left the run quickly because they had a long road ahead back home. But all left this freeride stoked by the perfect organization, by the friendlyness of the ADH Team and of course totally tired by three crazy days and nights!

For sure we will come back again to the Koffe schnaps in September, and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADH!
Thib Le Guen

Merci to Alexis Caillaud from BHM for all the other wonderful pictures!

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